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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Qi Fu Yin�a Ming Dynasty Prescription for the Treatment of DementiaOng W.-Y. ; Wu Y.-J. ; Farooqui T.; Farooqui A.A.
Nov-2011Qualities of a psychiatric mentor: A quantitative Singaporean surveyTor, P.-C.; Goh, L.-G.; Ang, Y.-G.; Lim, L. ; Winslow, R.-M. ; Ng, B.-Y.; Wong, S.-T.; Ng, T.-P.; Kia, E.-H.
1997Quality management systems: A study of authority and empowerment. A survey of construction organizations in Singapore indicates that managing human factors is a key to implementing organizational changePheng, L.S. ; May, C.F.
Dec-2012Quality of life and control of allergic rhinitis in patients from regions beyond western Europe and the United StatesMaspero, J.; Lee, B.W. ; Katelaris, C.H.; Potter, P.C.; Cingi, C.; Lopatin, A.; Saffer, M.; Nadeau, G.; Walters, R.D.
2003Quality of life of the elderly in Singapore's multi-racial societyWong, G.K.M. 
Aug-2011Quality of resuscitation in hospitalsLeong, B.S.H. ; Chua, G.S.W.
1988Quantification of surface damage of tool steels after EDMLee, L.C. ; Lim, L.C. ; Narayanan, V.; Venkatesh, V.C.
19-Jun-2008Quantifying entanglement in macroscopic systemsVedral, V. 
Jul-2005Quantifying two-dimensional dichromatic patterns using a photographic technique: Case study on the shore crab (Carcinus maenas L.)Todd, P.A. ; Ladle, R.J.; Briers, R.A.; Brunton, A.
Aug-2011Quantum dots and carbon nanotubes in oncology: A review on emerging theranostic applications in nanomedicineTan, A.; Yildirimer, L.; Rajadas, J.; De La Peña, H.; Pastorin, G. ; Seifalian, A.
Feb-2000Quantum wavepacket approach to chemical reaction dynamics. Perspective on "dynamics of the collinear H + H2 reaction. I. Probability density and flux"Zhang, J.Z.H.; Zhang, D.H. 
Feb-2004Quest for quality care and patient safety: The case of SingaporeLim, M.K. 
2002Questions about change over time in cross-cultural organizational researchChan, D. 
2002Questions about change over time in cross-cultural organizational researchChan, D. 
Nov-2005Quick, practical selection of effective seeds for homology searchPreparata, F.P.; Zhang, L. ; Choi, K.P. 
1-May-2003Quorum quenching and proactive host defenseZhang, L.-H. 
Feb-2005Quorum sensing and quorum-quenching enzymesDong, Y.-H.; Zhang, L.-H. 
29-Jul-2007Quorum-quenching microbial infections: Mechanisms and implicationsDong, Y.-H.; Wang, L.-H.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2008Rab GTPases and their roles in brain neurons and gliaNg, E.L. ; Tang, B.L. 
2010Rab35 - A vesicular traffic-regulating small GTPase with actin modulating rolesChua, C.E.L.; Lim, Y.S.; Tang, B.L.