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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Nadine Dobrovolskaïa-Zavadskaïa and the dawn of developmental geneticsKorzh, V. ; Grunwald, D.
2017Nano- and microparticles at fluid and biological interfacesDasgupta, S ; Auth, T; Gompper, G
Mar-2006Nano-featured scaffolds for tissue engineering: A review of spinning methodologiesMurugan, R. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
Apr-2011Nano/microscale technologies for drug deliveryLi, H. ; Kochhar, J.S.; Pan, J.; Chan, S.Y. ; Kang, L. 
Jan-2007Nanobiomaterial applications in orthopedicsChristenson, E.M.; Anseth, K.S.; Van den Beucken, J.J.J.P.; Chan, C.K. ; Ercan, B.; Jansen, J.A.; Laurencin, C.T.; Li, W.-J.; Murugan, R. ; Nair, L.S.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Tuan, R.S.; Webster, T.J.; Mikos, A.G.
2016Nanobiomaterials for neural regenerationChen N.; Tian L. ; He L.; Ramakrishna S. 
13-Mar-2017Nanocrystallization: An Effective Approach to Enhance the Performance of Organic MoleculesFateminia, SM Ali; Wang, Ziqiao; LIU BIN 
2007Nanofiber patent landscapeNgiam, M.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Raghunath, M. ; Chan, C.K. 
2005Nanofibres and their influence on cells for tissue regenerationWang, Y.K.; Yong, T. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
15-Jun-2007Nanofibrous filtering media: Filtration problems and solutions from tiny materialsBarhate, R.S. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
Jan-2013Nanofibrous structured biomimetic strategies for skin tissue regenerationJayarama Reddy, V. ; Radhakrishnan, S.; Ravichandran, R.; Mukherjee, S.; Balamurugan, R.; Sundarrajan, S. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
Feb-2013Nanohydrogels as a prospective member of the nanomedicine familyQian, Z.-Y.; Fu, S.-Z.; Feng, S.-S. 
Jan-2012Nanoimmunotherapy: Application of nanotechnology for sustained and targeted delivery of antigens to dendritic cellsZhang, Z.; Guo, Y.; Feng, S.-S. 
Sep-2013Nanomaterial scaffolds for stem cell proliferation and differentiation in tissue engineeringZhao, C.; Tan, A.; Pastorin, G. ; Ho, H.K. 
Apr-2012Nanomedicine against multidrug resistance in cancer treatmentGao, J.; Feng, S.-S. ; Guo, Y.
Oct-2011Nanomedicine for diabetes treatmentSung, H.-W.; Sonaje, K.; Feng, S.-S. 
Dec-2012Nanomedicine for multimodality treatment of cancerMi, Y.; Guo, Y.; Feng, S.-S. 
Apr-2011Nanomedicine for oral chemotherapyFeng, S.-S. ; Zhao, L.; Tang, J.
Feb-2010Nanoparticle-based delivery system for application of siRNA in vivoWang, Y.; Li, Z.; Han, Y.; Liang, L.H. ; Ji, A.
2015Nanoparticles in photodynamic therapyLucky S.S; Soo K.C; Zhang Y