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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2014Lab-on-a-chip technology: Impacting non-invasive prenatal diagnostics (NIPD) through miniaturisationKantak, C.; Chang, C.-P.; Wong, C.C.; Mahyuddin, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Rahman, A.
2017Lactose intolerance and gastrointestinal cow's milk allergy in infants and children - Common misconceptions revisitedHeine, R.G; Alrefaee, F; Bachina, P; De Leon, J.C; Geng, L; Gong, S; Madrazo, J.A; Ngamphaiboon, J; Ong, C ; Rogacion, J.M
Apr-2008Landscape constraints on functional diversity of birds and insects in tropical agroecosystemsTscharntke, T.; Sekercioglu, C.H.; Dietsch, T.V.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Hoehn, P.; Tylianakis, J.M.
Aug-2012Landscape moderation of biodiversity patterns and processes - eight hypothesesTscharntke, T.; Tylianakis, J.M.; Rand, T.A.; Didham, R.K.; Fahrig, L.; Batáry, P.; Bengtsson, J.; Clough, Y.; Crist, T.O.; Dormann, C.F.; Ewers, R.M.; Fründ, J.; Holt, R.D.; Holzschuh, A.; Klein, A.M.; Kleijn, D.; Kremen, C.; Landis, D.A.; Laurance, W.; Lindenmayer, D.; Scherber, C.; Sodhi, N. ; Steffan-Dewenter, I.; Thies, C.; van der Putten, W.H.; Westphal, C.
2009Language as a problem of development: Ideological debates and comprehensive education in the PhilippinesRuanni, T.; Tupas, F. 
1998Laparoscopic colon resection: Current statusKok, K.Y.Y.; Ngoi, S.S. 
1996Laparoscopic exploration of the common bile duct - Report on two cases and literature reviewKum, C.K. ; Lim, J.K.; Wong, W.K.
1995Laparoscopic hysterectomy--a step forward?Loh, F.H. ; Canis, M.; Ng, S.C. 
Apr-1995Laparoscopic hysterectomy--a step forward?Loh, F.H. ; Canis, M.; Ng, S.C. 
2014Laparoscopic resection for rectal cancer: What is the evidence?Chan D.K.-H.; Chong C.-S.; Lieske B.; Tan K.-K. 
Apr-2005Laparoscopic-assisted colon and rectal surgery - Lessons learnt from early experienceKoh, D.C.-S. ; Wong, K.S.; Sim, R.; Ng, Y.P.; Hu, Z.Q.; Cheong, D.M.O.; Foo, A.
4-Apr-2019Las Vegas in Singapore: violence, progress and the crisis of nationalist modernityJiat-Hwee Chang 
2011Laser nano-manufacturing - State of the art and challengesLi, L.; Hong, M. ; Schmidt, M.; Zhong, M.; Malshe, A.; Huis In'Tveld, B.; Kovalenko, V.
2009Latent tuberculosis infection in travelers: Is there a role for screening using interferon-gamma release assays?Ingram, P.R. ; Fisher, D.A. ; Wilder-Smith, A. 
Jun-2002Latex allergy - A paediatric perspectiveLim, D.L. 
1-Dec-2016Lattice vibrations and Raman scattering in two-dimensional layered materials beyond grapheneLu, Xin ; Luo, Xin ; Zhang, Jun; Quek, Su Ying ; Xiong, Qihua
2007Law, liberty, and Christian moralitySwan, K. 
2007Law, liberty, and Christian moralitySwan, K. 
2006Leadership motives: Moving one step furtherToor, S.-U.-R.; Ofori, G. 
2003Learning developmental biology has priority in the life sciences curriculum in SingaporeLim, T.-M.