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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Brain waves, dangerousness and deviant desiresHoward, R.C. 
2010Branched disulfide-based polyamidoamines capable of mediating high gene transfectionKhan, M.; Wiradharma, N.; Beniah, G.; Rafiq, N.B.M.; Liu, S. ; Au, J.; Yang, Y.-Y.
2014Brd4 and HEXIM1: Multiple roles in P-TEFb regulation and cancerChen, R.; Yik, J.H.N.; Lew, Q.J.; Chao, S.-H. 
2007BrdU immunohistochemistry for studying adult neurogenesis: Paradigms, pitfalls, limitations, and validationTaupin, P. 
Feb-2013Breast cancer research in Asia: Adopt or adapt Western knowledge?Bhoo-Pathy, N.; Yip, C.-H.; Hartman, M. ; Uiterwaal, C.S.P.M.; Devi, B.C.R.; Peeters, P.H.M.; Taib, N.A.; Van Gils, C.H.; Verkooijen, H.M. 
2005Breast pathology practice: Most common problems in a consultation servicePutti, T.C. ; Pinder, S.E.; Elston, C.W.; Lee, A.H.S.; Ellis, I.O.
1996Breeding vandaceous orchids for commercial cut-flowers in Singapore: An overviewLee, Y.H. ; Wong, S.M. ; Tan, W.K.; Goh, C.J. 
2003Bridging islands of knowledge: A framework of knowledge sharing mechanismsChai, K.-H. ; Gregory, M.; Shi, Y.
2009Brief overview of bioinformatics activities in SingaporeEisenhaber, F.; Kwoh, C.-K.; Ng, S.-K.; Sung, W.-K. ; Wong, L. 
2007Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LXX. Sematophyllaceae (Musci) 1. Acanthorrhynchium, Acroporium, Clastobryophilum, Pseudopiloecium, Radulina and TrichosteleumTan, B.C. ; Koponen, T.; Norris, D.H.
2003Buccal delivery systemsHao, J. ; Heng, P.W.S. 
Dec-2007Buckling of carbon nanotubes: A literature surveyWang, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.Y. ; Wang, C.M. ; Tan, V.B.C. 
2001Buildability in design and construction through ISO 9000 quality management systems: Concepts and survey findingsLow Sui Pheng ; Abeyegoonasekera, B.
2003Building competitive advantage: Construction education in JapanTan, W. 
2008Building grading systems: A review of the state-of-the-artChew, M.Y.L. ; Das, S.
2004Building maintainability - Review of state of the artChew, M.Y.L. ; Tan, S.S.; Kang, K.H.
2009Buprenorphine prescription, misuse and service provision: A global perspectiveHo, R.C.M. ; Chen, K.Y.; Broekman, B. ; Mak, A. 
2004Buried alive: A novel approach to cancer treatmentFadeel, B.; Orrenius, S.; Pervaiz, S. 
2004Buyer shopping costs and retail pricing: An indirect empirical testLee, S.-Y.T. ; Png, I.P.L. 
2004Buyer shopping costs and retail pricing: An indirect empirical testLee, S.-Y.T. ; Png, I.P.L.