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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017White matter microstructural abnormalities in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A meta-analysis of whole-brain and ROI-based studiesYU JUNHONG ; Lam, Charlene LM; Lee, Tatia MC
2004Who bears the risk of mistake?Leng, T.K. 
2006Who gets spammed?Hann, I.-H.; Hui, K.-L.; Lai, Y.-L. ; Lee, S.Y.T.; Png, I.P.L. 
2017Whole genome DNA methylation: Beyond genes silencingTirado-Magallanes, R ; Rebbani, K ; Lim, R ; Pradhan, S; Benoukraf, T 
2007Whole grain, bran, and germ intake and risk of type 2 diabetes: A prospective cohort study and systematic reviewDe Munter J.S.L.; Hu F.B.; Spiegelman D.; Franz M.; Van Dam R.M. 
2012Whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing in neurological diseasesFoo J.-N.; Liu J.-J.; Tan E.-K. 
2000Why and how should we measure oxidative DNA damage in nutritional studies? How far have we come?Halliwell, B. 
Apr-2005Why are population and development issues not given priority?Jones, G.W. 
Jan-2011Why family caregivers choose to institutionalize a loved one with dementia: A singapore perspectiveTew, C.W.; Tan, L.F.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Yap, P.
15-Jun-2012Why is F19Ap53 unable to bind MDM2? Simulations suggest crack propagation modulates bindingDastidar, S.G.; Lane, D.P.; Verma, C.S. 
2005Why many eligible individuals choose not to go on welfareLiu, P.W.; Zhang, J. ; Zhang, J.
Nov-2013Why Robots? A Survey on the Roles and Benefits of Social Robots in the Therapy of Children with AutismCabibihan, J.-J. ; Javed, H.; Ang Jr., M. ; Aljunied, S.M.
2016Why serological responses during cystitis are limitedChoi, H.W; Abraham, S.N 
Apr-2008Why study gene-environment interactions?Ordovas, J.M.; Tai, E.S. 
2009Why the body matters: Uses and abuses of the human body in modern medicineCampbell, A.V. 
2005Widespread γ-secretase activity in the cell, but do we need it at the mitochondria?Teng, F.Y.H. ; Tang, B.L. 
2014Will the requirement by the US FDA to simultaneously co-develop companion diagnostics (CDx) delay the approval of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors for RTK-rearranged (ROS1-, RET-, AXL-, PDGFR-α-, NTRK1-) non-small cell lung cancer globally?Ou, S.-H.I; Soo, R.A ; Kubo, A; Kawaguchi, T; Ahn, M.-J
2009Wings, horns, and butterfly eyespots:How do complex traits evolve?Monteiro A. ; Podlaha O.
2009Wnt signaling controls the fate of mesenchymal stem cellsLing, L.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
2008Wnt signaling in development, disease and translational medicineCoombs, G.S. ; Covey, T.M. ; Virshup, D.M.