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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Venom neutralization by purified bioactive molecules: Synthetic peptide derivatives of the endogenous PLA2inhibitory protein PIP (a mini-review)Thwin, M. ; Samy, R.P. ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Satyanarayanajois, S.D.
2003Venous thrombosis in cancer patients: Insights from the FRONTLINE surveyKakkar, A.K.; Levine, M.; Pinedo, H.M.; Wolff, R.; Wonge, J. 
Feb-2012Ventilator-induced lung injury: The role of gene activationNgiam, N. ; Kavanagh, B.P.
May-1998Ventilatory strategies for acute respiratory distress syndrome.Lee, K.H. ; Lim, T.K. 
1998Ventilatory strategies for acute respiratory distress syndrome.Lee, K.H. ; Lim, T.K. 
2012Vertical silicon nanowire platform for low power electronics and clean energy applicationsLo, G.Q.; Kwong, D.-L.; Li, X.; Sun, Y.; Ramanathan, G.; Chen, Z.X.; Wong, S.M.; Li, Y.; Shen, N.S.; Buddharaju, K.; Yu, Y.H.; Lee, S.J. ; Singh, N.
May-2013Very small photoluminescent gold nanoparticles for multimodality biomedical imagingLai, S.-F.; Chien, C.-C.; Chen, W.-C.; Chen, H.-H.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Wang, C.-L.; Hwu, Y.; Yang, C.S.; Chen, C.Y.; Liang, K.S.; Petibois, C.; Tan, H.-R.; Tok, E.-S. ; Margaritondo, G.
19-Sep-2016Viability of Transarctic Shipping Routes: A Literature Review from the Navigational and Commercial PerspectivesQiang Meng ; Yiru Zhang ; Min Xu
Sep-2012Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implantations: Experience at National University Hospital SingaporeLim, L.H.Y. ; Del Prado, J.; Xiang, L. ; Yusof, A.R.B.; Loo, J.H.Y.
Aug-1997Vibration of shallow shells: A review with bibliographyLiew, K.M. ; Lim, C.W.; Kitipornchai, S.
2005Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery for spinal conditionsLiu G.K.P. ; Wong H.K. 
2005Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery for spinal conditionsLiu, G.K.P.; Wong, H.K. 
2005Viewpoint: Are doctors responsible for the increase in allergic diseases?Van, Bever H.P. ; Shek, L.P.-C. ; Lim, D.L.; Lee, B.W. 
Feb-2012Viewpoint: The future of research in pediatric allergy: What should the focus be?Van Bever, H.P.S. ; Lee, B.W. ; Shek, L. 
2013Views on the peer review system of biomedical journals: An online survey of academics from high-ranking universitiesHo R.C.-M. ; Mak K.-K.; Tao R.; Lu Y. ; Day J.R.; Pan F.
Sep-2010Violations of servitude: Leong, Hurston, OyonoRyan, B.T. 
2008Viral and cellular determinants of West Nile virus entry and morphogenesisChu, J.J.-H. ; Ng, M.-L. 
2007Viral gastritis: Fact or myth?van, Bever H.P.S. 
2016Viral Manipulation of Host Inhibitory Receptor Signaling for Immune EvasionOng E.Z.; Chan K.R.; Ooi E.E. 
23-Jun-2015Viral Membrane Channels: Role and Function in the Virus Life CycleSze, Ching Wooen ; Tan, Yee-Joo