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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2014Gamete Donation: Ethical Divergences in Islamic Religious ThinkingMd Shaikh Farid; Paul Schotsmans
2011Garden and ecology in the skyYuen, B. 
2009Gas-phase refrigeration: A promising alternative to the conventional refrigeration processes for LNGShah, N.M.; Hoadley, A.F.A.; Rangaiah, G.P. 
Jun-2011Gastric pseudolipomatosis: Biopsy follow-up and immunohistochemical analysis of a rare conditionSrivastava, S.; Subramaniam, M.M. ; Guan, Y.K.; Ming, T.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
1989Gastrointestinal absorption of mercury following oral administration of cinnabar in a traditional Chinese medicineYeoh, T.S.; Lee, H.S. ; Lee, A.S.
1992Gastrointestinal lipoma [2]Kang, J.Y. 
1992Gastrointestinal lipoma [2]Kang, J.Y. 
2007Gender differences and cultural orientation in e-collaborationZhong, Y. ; Wang, Z. ; Lim, J. 
2006Gender selection of embryos after PGD for other independent medical reasons - A viewpoint from Singapore [4]Heng, B.C. 
Jan-2004Gender-specific fetal biometry standardsMongelli, M. 
2004Gender-specific fetal biometry standardsMongelli, M. 
15-Oct-2007Gene construct and expression: Information relevant for risk assessment and managementGong, Z. ; Maclean, N.; Devlin, R.H.; Martinez, R.; Omitogun, O.; Estrada, M.P.
2009Gene-Environment Interactions: Where are we and where Should we be Going?Ordovas, J.M.; Tai, E.S. 
28-Mar-2013General OutlookKoch, N.; Ueno, N.; Wee, A.T.S. 
Apr-2004Generalized rational interpolation over commutative rings and remainder decodingArmand, M.A. 
1986Generation of internal- and external-mode motions from internal heating: effects of vertical shear and damping.Lim, H. ; Chang, C.-P.
2006Genetic algorithms in structural identification and damage detectionKoh, C.G. ; Perry, M.J.
1989Genetic analysis of lipase low-producing mutants of Yarrowia lipolyticaNga, B.H. ; Gaillardin, C.M.; Fournier, P.; Heslot, H.
1996Genetic basis of disease: Studies of eicosanoids, and some complex disease traitsTay, A. 
1991Genetic polymorphisms in drug metabolism - its relevance to Asian populationsLee, E.J.D.