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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Donors, local development groups and institutional reform over Vietnam's development decadeFritzen, S. 
1-Mar-2009Down the Slippery Slope?Inez de Beaufort
2004Downregulation of transcription factors by ribonucleic acid interference. A novel approach to extend the multipotency of autologous adult stem cells? [2]Heng, B.C. ; Cao, T. 
1995Dr Bentley's comments on the October editorialCandlish, J.K. 
May-2011Dr Hegde and colleagues respondHegde, A.N.; Mohan, S.; Lim, T.C.C. 
Jun-2009Dr. Nejtek and colleagues replyNejtek, V.A.; Avila, M.; Rush, A.J. 
Nov-2012Draft genome sequence of an aeromonas sp. Strain 159 clinical isolate that shows quorum-sensing activityChan, X.Y.; Chua, K.H.; Puthucheary, S.D. ; Yin, W.-F.; Chan, K.-G.
Oct-2012Draft genome sequence of butanol-acetone-producing Clostridium beijerinckii strain G117Wu, Y.-R.; Li, Y.; Yang, K.-L. ; He, J. 
1992Drainage efficiency of sand layer in layered clay-sand reclamationSiew-Ann Tan ; Kee-Ming Liang; Kwet-Yew Yong ; Seng-Lip Lee 
9-Jan-2018Dreaming between the Lines: the strange afterlife of Straussian RomanticismLuke O’Sullivan 
Apr-1982Drinking water to prevent gallstone formationMath, M.V. 
6-Jul-2006Drosophila Neuroblast Asymmetric Cell Division: Recent Advances and Implications for Stem Cell BiologyYu, F. ; Kuo, C.T.; Jan, Y.N.
28-Jan-2008Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisions: Cell cycle regulators, asymmetric protein localization, and tumorigenesisChia, W. ; Somers, W.G.; Wang, H. 
1991Drug hypersensitivity in childrenLee, B.W. 
Dec-2013Drug-induced photo-onycholysis: An often-neglected phenomenonChandran, N.S.; Aw, D.C.W. 
1-Mar-2000Dry thienylation of the silicon (111)-(7 x 7) surface [6]Cao, Y.; Yong, K.S.; Wang, Z.Q.; Chin, W.S. ; Lai, Y.H. ; Deng, J.F.; Xu, G.Q. 
20-Nov-2012Drying of FoodsChiewchan, N.; Devahastin, S.; Mujumdar, A.S. 
May-2001Duadic codes over Z2kLing, S. ; Solé, P.
1987Dual-wavelength absorbance ratio and spectrum scanning techniques for identification of flavonoids by high-performance liquid chromatographyLaw, K.H.; Das, N.P. 
2009Dudley buxtonMeikle, M.C.