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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Virtual community models in relation to e-business modelsShan, L.M.; Sutanto, J.; Kankanhalli, A.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2005Virtual marketplace for agent-based electronic commerceGuan, S.-U. 
1999Virtual reality imaging of chest wall and the heart [8] (multiple letters)Sim, E.K.W. ; Tian, Q.S.; Ann, L.T.K.; El Oakley, R.M. ; Reardon, M.J.; Conklin, L.D.; Philo, R.; Letsou, G.V.; Safi, H.J.; Espada, R.
Feb-2009Virus-induced gene silencing for functional analysis of selected genes (Plant Cell Reports (2008) 27 (209-219) DOI: 10.1007/s00299-007-0460-2)Godge, M.R. ; Purkayastha, A.; Dasgupta, I.; Kumar, P.P. 
2008Vitamin C and mitochondrial uncoupling protein in enhanced dobutamine myocardial contractilityMcLachlan, C.S. ; Almsherqi, Z. ; Deng, Y. ; Matthews, S.; Mossop, P.
1-Jun-2015Vulnerability in International Policy Discussion on Research involving ChildrenCalvin W.L. Ho; Andreas Reis; Abha Saxena
2007Waking up sensor networksWong, Y.-F.; Kok, T.; Ngoh, L.-H.; Wong, W.-C. ; Seah, W.K.G. 
Jan-2010Wash and spin cycle threats to tropical biodiversityKoh, L.P.; Ghazoul, J.; Butler, R.A.; Laurance, W.F.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Mateo-Vega, J.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
Jul-2011Water engineering is not the panacea for water crisis of ChinaHuang, Y. ; Lu, X. ; Ran, L.
1993Water entry, retention and movement in soils of warm humid regionsRahman, A. 
12-Jan-2012Water management: Reduce urban flood vulnerabilityZiegler, A.D. 
2009Wayang Parsi, Bangsawan and printing: Commercial cultural exchange between South Asia and the Malay Worldvan der Putten, J. 
Dec-1999WebPHYLIP: A web interface to PHYLIPLim, A.; Zhang, L. 
Nov-2010What are physicians' and patients' beliefs about diet, weight, exercise, and smoking cessation counseling?Dolor, R.J.; Østbye, T. ; Lyna, P.; Coffman, C.J.; Alexander, S.C.; Tulsky, J.A.; Brouwer, R.J.N.; Esoimeme, I.; Pollak, K.I.
1-Jun-2016What are the Situations that Trouble Me Professionally?: The Story of “Uncle Fred”Shahla Siddiqui
Nov-2011"What do you think should be the two or three highest priority political outcomes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), scheduled for Rio de Janeiro in June 2012?"Vanpeperstraete, B.; Duyck, S.; Bhandari, M.P.; Brizga, J.; Rijnhout, L.; Lorek, S.; Castro, A.P.; Chang, C.T.; Daly, H.; Didham, R.J.; Ferraro, G.; Greenfield, O.; Khosla, A.; von Weizsäcker, E.U.; Lode, B.; Miles, S.; Pacini, H.; Silveira, S.; Perch, L.; Rijnsburger, J.; Sanwal, M.; Savarala, S.; Jacob Scherr, S.; Seetharam, K.E. ; Adeeb, A.M.M. ; Shepherd, D.; Smith, A.; Ulatowska, L.; Vincent, A.; John, W.
Jun-2012What does 'Vertical Green' mean?Yok, T.P. 
1-Jun-2013What Should Families Consider when Deciding for an Incompetent Patient?Takahiro Nakayama; Hitoshi Arima
1-Jun-2013What Should Families Consider when Deciding for an Incompetent Patient?Guia Crisotomo Tan