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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2018A conversation between Brenda S.A. Yeoh and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura: Reflections from the `margins? on Gender, Place and Culture?s 25th anniversaryBrenda Yeoh ; Kanchana N. Ruwanpura
2007A discussion of the role of frontoparietal activity in cognitionHon, N. 
May-2001A fast PEEC technique for full-wave parameters extraction of distributed elementsTeo, S.A.; Ooi, B.L. ; Chew, S.T. ; Leong, M.S. 
2006A Framework of Information and Knowledge Management for Product Design and Development - A Text Mining ApproachLiu, Y.; Feng Lu, W. ; Tong Loh, H. 
2013A fresh perfectionMacLaren G 
1-Jul-2000A gel elution apparatus with high sample recoveryTan Tien Chye; Leo Chen Ian; Wong, V.W.T. 
2002A geometrical method for computing the distribution of boundary shear stress across irregular straight open channelsYang, S.Q. ; Lim, S.Y.
1-Dec-2013A GOOD DEATH? Law and Ethics in Practice ed. by Lynn Hagger, Simon Woods (review)Noreen Chan
10-Aug-2012A henipavirus vaccine in sightVon Messling, V. ; Cattaneo, R.
22-Aug-2011A Hybrid Particle Swarm and Ant Colony Optimizer for Multi-attribute Partnership Selection in Virtual EnterprisesNiu, S.H.; Ong, S.K. ; Nee, A.Y.C.
6-May-2008A lungless frog discovered on BorneoBickford, D. ; Iskandar, D.; Barlian, A.
Feb-2007A Mechanistic Interaction Remains to Be Determined for Elevated NTproBNP in Heart Failure Patients Receiving Both an ACE Inhibitor and AspirinMcLachlan, C.S. ; Zhang, Z.; Mossop, P.
2012A meta-analysis examining the use of tacker fixation versus no-fixation of mesh in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairKöckerling, F.; Jacob, D.A.; Chowbey, P.; Lomanto, D. 
Jul-1990A method for bonding extracted teeth to a cobalt-chrome prosthesisLim, K.C.
2008A methodology for government transformation with enterprise architectureSaha, P. 
2008A methodology for government transformation with enterprise architectureSaha, P. 
Feb-2012A minimal or concise set of definition of life is not usefulTang, B.L. 
2005A modification of the bilobed and Karapandzic flap used for reconstruction of the lower lip [10]Ong, W.C.; Lim, J.; Lim, T.C. 
2005A modification of the nasolabial flap for lower eyelid defect in preventing ectropion [7]Cheong, E.C.; Ong, W.C.; Lim, J.; Lim, T.C. 
2009A molecular approach for identifying individuals with Li-Fraumeni syndrome who have a limited family historyAng, P.; Lim, I.H.K.; Yong, R.Y.Y.; Lee, A.S.G.