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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Genetic polymorphisms in drug metabolism - its relevance to Asian populationsLee, E.J.D. 
2014Genetic Programming for Evolving Due-Date Assignment Models in Job Shop EnvironmentsNguyen, S.; Zhang, M.; Johnston, M.; Tan, K.C. 
2009Genomic and proteomic advances in gastric cancerBoussioutas, A.; Tan, P. 
2010Genomic Technologies for Systems BiologyLiu, E.T.; Goel, S.; Desai, K.; Voorhoeve, M. 
2011Genotype CallingInouye, M.; Teo, Y.Y. 
2010Gentrification in globalization: Forces to be explored in Chinese citiesWang, J. 
6-Jul-2018Geography: History and Concepts by Arild Holt-JensenJames Sidaway 
2009Geology and Landforms of the Mekong BasinGupta, A. 
8-Sep-2008Germline polymorphisms as modulators of cancer phenotypesTan, P. 
2004Getting the ear of the ministerYeung, H.W.-C. 
2012Ghosh, language, and The Hungry TideTalib, I.S. 
2010Ginkgo biloba and cognitive declineFeng, L. 
3-Apr-2008Give south Indian authors their true namesPuniamoorthy, N. ; Jeevanandam, J.; Narayanan Kutty, S. 
2006Glandular structures in an intraoperative axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy: A diagnostic dilemma [8]Nga, M.E. ; Putti, T.C. 
Nov-2013Global bionetworks and challenges in regulating autologous adult stem cellsLysaght, T. ; Kerridge, I.; Sipp, D.; Porter, G.; Capps, B.J.
Dec-2010Global spread of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1Koh, T.H. ; Khoo, C.T.; Wijaya, L.; Leong, H.N.; Lo, Y.L.; Lim, L.C.; Koh, T.Y.
Jan-2014Global value chains and global production networks in the changing international political economy: An introductionNeilson, J.; Pritchard, B.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
2006Globalisation and national regulations: Race to the bottom, top, and middleRamesh, M. 
2010Globalizing state, disappearing nation: The impact of foreign participation in the Singapore economyLim, L.Y.C.; Ann, L.S. 
1975Glomerular disease in SingaporeSinniah, R. ; Law, C.H.; Feng, P.H.