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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2004Evidence for lateral gene transfer from salmonids to two Schistosome species [3]Melamed, P. ; Chong, K.L.; Johansen, M.V.
11-Nov-2008Evidence for multiple species of Sunda colugoJanečka, J.E.; Helgen, K.M.; Lim, N.T.-L. ; Baba, M.; Izawa, M.; Boeadi; Murphy, W.J.
Jun-2011Evidence of anti free volume creation during deformation induced nanocrystallization of Nd-Fe-B metallic glassShukla, S.; Banas, A. ; Ramanujan, R.
Aug-2012Evidence of bioactivity from Ganoderma Lucidum triterpenoids in cultured cell modelsRuan, W.; Popovich, D.G. 
1-Feb-2013Evidence-based approach to reducing perceived wasteful practices in laboratory medicineLoh, T.P.; Sethi, S.K. 
2007Evolving Singapore: The creative cityYun, H.A. 
1994Exact confidence interval of the SMR based on prevalence data [2]Lee, J. 
2011Examining labour migration regimes in East Asia: Appearance and technique of control in TaiwanLu, M.C.-W. 
1994Exchange rates and export pricing in a small open NIC: the Singaporean experienceTongzon, J.L. ; Menon, J.
1-Sep-2011Exercise and Eating Disorders: An Ethical and Legal Analysis (review)Andrew Bloodworth
2010Exit, rehabilitation and returning to prostitution: Experiences of domestic trafficking victims in the PhilippinesYea, S. 
Sep-2011Exome diagnostics: Already a reality?Polychronakos, C.; Seng, K.C. 
2010Expanding resource availability by mining and avoiding landfills – a need for an integrated technology and policy approachKua H.-W. 
2018Expectations and experiences of patients with osteoarthritis undergoing total joint arthroplasty: An integrative reviewSee M.T.A.; Kowitlawakul Y. ; Tan A.J.Q.; Liaw S.Y. 
2011Experience and a firm's performance in foreign markets: A commentary essayDelios, A. 
10-May-2007Experimental Quantum Secret SharingSchmid, C.; Trojek, P.; Gaertner, S.; Bourennane, M.; Kurtsiefer, C. ; Zukowski, M.; Weinfurter, H.
Jun-2009Exploring Reentrant Arrhythmias with Numerical Experiments: Generic Properties and Model ComplexityStarmer, C.F. 
1-Jun-2015Exploring the Concept of Vulnerability in the Work of the US Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical IssuesMichelle Groman; Christine Grady
1-Dec-2010Exploring the reasons for adherence to T'ai chi practiceDigiacomo, M.; Lam, P.; Roberts, B.L.; Lau, T.C. ; Song, R.; Davidson, P.M.
2010Expression of C1q Complement Component in Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal AdenocarcinomaBobryshev, Y.V.; Lord, R.V.N.; Lu, J.