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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017T(ell) TALE signs of agingTaneja, Reshma ; Kennedy, Brian K 
2008‘Talent’ migration in and out of Asia: challenges for policies and placesYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lai, Ah Eng 
1999Tamkang Journal of Science and English: PrefaceLiao M.; Chen T. 
2009Targeted therapeutics-oriented tumor classification: A paradigm shiftQuek, T.P.L.; Yan, B.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Yong, W.P.
2010Targeting the tumor vascular supply with vascular disrupting agentsSoo, R.A. 
2009Teaching international relations in Southeast Asia: Historical memory, academic context, and politics - An introductionChong, A. ; Hamilton-Hart, N. 
2007Teaching of Anatomy in the new millenniumBay, B.H. ; Ling, E.A. 
2004Technological entrepreneurship in emerging regionsPhan, P.H.; Der Foo, M. 
2001Telemedicine in the Asia PacificLun, K.C. 
Apr-2012Telling our stories: Writing for publication to enhance reflective and contextualised family and community practiceJackson, D.; Andrew, S.; Cleary, M. 
2013The "vision" of tomorrow!Tan, K.C. 
2013The "vision" of tomorrow!Tan, K.C. 
2006The 2006 IEEE workshop: "Beyond patches"Lucey S.; Chen T. 
Mar-2012The 20th century re-emergence of epidemic infectious diseases: Lessons learned and future prospects; decades of population growth, globalisation and complacency are driving new epidemicsGubler, D.J. 
2007The 2nd international symposium on functional materialsLu, L. ; Lai, M.O. 
Jun-2010The 35 years' development of Applied Energy: 1975-2010 - Editorial for Applied Energy's 35th anniversaryYan, J.; Chou, S.K. 
20-Feb-2020The 75th Birthday of Professor Arun S. MujumdarSakamon Devahastin; Agus Sasmito ; Sachin Jangam 
Aug-2009The 9th international hydrocolloids conferenceKasapis, S. 
1-Sep-2014The Bio-Economy: A Challenge to the Integrity of Medicine and HealthcareLeonardo D. de Castro
1994The changing role of anaesthesia in health careKumar, A.