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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Quality control of natural product medicine and nutrient supplementsZhang, S.-Q.; Wei, F.; Fan, Y.-M.; Sun, F. ; Zhao, Y.-Y.; Bai, S.
Jun-2007Quality of service in ad hoc and sensor networksChiasserini, C.-F.; Srinivasan, V. 
Jul-2012Quantitative assessment of peripheral nerve ultrasound echogenicity. A step forwardWilder-Smith, E.P. 
2015Quantum dots and nanoparticles in light emitting diodes, displays, and optoelectronic devicesChen, H.-S; Yang, P ; Khan, Z.H; Wu, J.M; Li, G; Kamali, A.R
2015Rage, rage against the dying of the light? Intensive care for the very elderlyMacLaren G 
1-Sep-2015Raising Questions about an Ideological Approach to Bioethics Discourse in AsiaLeonardo D. de Castro; Victor M. Cole
2018Rapid guidelines - timely and important guidance needed for setting standards and best practicesPang, T ; Amul, G.G.H 
2006Re-defining neurological syndromes: The genotype meets the phenotypeTan E.-K. 
2012Recent advances in analytical methods in mathematical physicsÖzer, T.; Taranov, V.B.; Smirnov, R.G.; Klemas, T.; Thamburaja, P. ; Wijesinghe, S.; Polat, B.
2007Recent advances in solar cellsAberle A. 
May-2003Recent developments in heat-driven silica gel-water adsorption chillersNg, K.C. 
Dec-2013Recent progress in sustainable energy systemsYan, J.; Chou, S.K. ; Dahlquist, E.
2008Reducing antimicrobial resistance: A bold call to actionTambyah, P.A. ; Tan, B.H.
Oct-2012Reflections on affect: A meta-commentary occasioned by Pile (2010) and subsequent exchangesMohammad, R.; Sidaway, J.D. 
2007Reflections on new directions in nursing education in SingaporeO'Brien, A.P. 
Jul-2006Regenerative medicine will impact, but not replace, the medical device industryHutmacher, D.W. 
2003Regional integration, trade and investment expansion in the Asia PacificZhang, Z. 
Jul-2013Regulation of biotic and abiotic stress responses by plant hormonesKumar, P.P. 
2007Remaking economic geography: Insights from East AsiaYeung, H.W.-C. 
Sep-2008Removal of emerging contaminants in water - Do we have solutions?Say, L.O. ; Hu, J.