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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Face to face with the masterTan E.K. 
2015Familial Parkinson's disease/parkinsonismTomiyama H.; Lesage S.; Tan E.-K. ; Jeon B.S.
Mar-2003Fertility decline in Asia: Trends, Implications and FuturesYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lutz, Wolfgang; Prachuabmoh, Vipan; EVI NURVIDYA ARIFIN 
20-Feb-2020FestschriftCecilia Tortajada ; Eduardo Araral 
Jun-2011Finance and economic development in China: An introductionShin, J.-S. 
Feb-2007First International Conference on Advanced Tribology (iCAT2004), 1-3 December 2004, SingaporeSinha, S.K. ; Satyanarayana, N. ; Lim, S.C. 
2011Fishing fish stem cells and nuclear transplantsHong, Y. 
14-May-2013Fluorescent sensorsLiu, B. ; Tang, B.Z.
2008Focus on cloaking and transformation opticsLeonhardt, U. ; Smith, D.R.
2006ForewordMizoguchi, R.; Dillenbourg, P.; Zhu, Z.; Lee, F.-L.; Aroyo, L.; Baloia, N.; Bourdeau, J.; Chan, T.-W.; Chee, Y.S.; Greer, J.; Hakkinen, P.; Hayashi, Y.; Henderson, L.; Hirashima, T.; Hoadley, C.; Hoppe, U.; Huang, R.; Ikeda, M.; Jacobson, M.; Kashihara, A.; Kim, Y.-S.; Yeo, G.K. ; Kinshuk; Kirschner, P.; Kommers, P.; Lee, I.; Leong, M.K.; Lewis, R.; Looi, C.-K.; Matsui, T.; McCalla, G.; Miyake, N.; Nakabayashi, K.; Ng, E.; Ogata, H.; Oliver, R.; Sharples, M.; Sinitsa, K.; Sison, R.; Soller, A.; Stahl, G.; Suthers, D.; Tan, S.C.; Tchounikine, P.; Wang, Q.; Wang, L.; Yano, Y.; Young, S.S.-C.; Yu, F.-Y.; Yu, S.
2011ForewordSim, T. 
2011ForewordKoh, T. 
2014ForewordChin, W.-N. ; Hage, J.
2011ForewordMezaris, V.; Scherp, A.; Jain, R.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Zhou, H.; Zhang, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, Z.
Dec-2013Foreword for special issue on design-centric mechatronics educationTan, K.K. ; Tang, K.Z. ; Lee, T.H. 
Dec-2013Foreword for special issue on design-centric mechatronics educationTan, K.K. ; Tang, K.Z. ; Lee, T.H. 
2-Apr-2018FOREWORD: Playfulness in Geography: Respite from Neo-liberalism in the Academy?Tracey Skelton 
1-Aug-2013Foreword: Special issue on the 8th International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and ApplicationsSun, J. ; Sun, X.; Yuan, Y.-X.
6-Jul-2016Fostering community, building trust, and navigating risks in academic developmentHuang Hoon Chng ; Johan Geertsema 
Feb-2007Fourth International Conference on Quality and Reliability (ICQR2005)Yuan, L.; Min, X.