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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Data mining in bioinformaticsLi, J.; Wong, L. ; Yang, Q.
2010DATICS-2010: Welcome message from workshop organizers: FutureTech 2010Man, K.L.; Mercaldi, M.; Hahanov, V.; Prinetto, P.; Poncino, M.; MacIi, A.; Choi, J.; Li, W.; Schellekens, M.; Popovici, E.; Seon, J.-K.; Rossi, U.; Fummi, F.; Pravadelli, G.; Lam, Y.F.; PavLov, V.; Patel, A.; Huang, J.; Vallee, T.; Boubekeur, M.; Sokolova, A.; Almerares, S.; Donno, M.; Cho, J.-D.; Alam, A.Z.; Provan, G.; Velev, M.N.; Nasir Uddin, M.; Botchkarev, A.; Bosnacki, D.; Hickey, D.; O'Keeffe, M.; Krilavičius, T.; Pastrnak, M.; Herbert, J.; Lu, Z.-M.; Pan, J.-S.; Chang, C.-C.; Horng, M.-F.; Chen, L.; Lim, C.-P.; Tao, N.Q.; Deb, S.; Merniz, S.; Valero, O.; Yi, Y.; Woods, D.; Vedrine, F.; Monsuez, B.; Yen, K.; Matsuura, T.; Timothy Edwards, R.; Tveretina, O.; Fino, M.H.; O'Riordan, A.P.; Labiak, G.; Gaur, M.S.; Chang, J.; Chung, Y.-C.; Derezinska, A.; Cho, K.-R.; Zhang, Y.; Liutkevičius, R.; Zeng, Y.; Vasudevan, D.P.; Bukowiec, A.; Kitsos, P.; Goudarzi, M.; Dong, J.S. ; Bhalla, A.; Al-Khalili, D.; Navabi, Z.; Zinchenko, L.; Anjum, M.A.; Narasimha, D.L.; Hughes, D.; Tadjouddine, E.M.; Wang, J.; Kumar, A.P.S.; Jaisankar, N.; Mansoor, A.; Hollands, S.; Mohammadi, S.; Klein, F.; Westermann, P.; English, T.; Planas, M.M.; Chung, C.; Chakrabarti, A.; Lei, C.-U.; Bamakhrama, M.; Naik, B.R.; Harte, S.; Yin, A.; Giancardi, L.; Mady, A.E.-D.; Joseph, A.; Khandekar, P.D.; Pandey, H.M.
2009DedicationChong, V.F.-H. 
2009DedicationChong, V.F.-H. 
Aug-2011Deepwater Floating SystemsChoo, Y.S. 
Aug-2013Dengue-old disease, new challenges in an ageing populationLow, J.G.H.; Ooi, E.E. 
Jan-2010Design and application of neural networks and intelligent learning systemsSrinivasan, D. ; Howlett, R.J.; Lovrek, I.; Jain, L.C.; Lim, C.-P.
Mar-2010Detection and management of oncology drug interactions: Can we do better?Chan, A. ; Yap, K.Y.-L.
1985Diabetes and diabetology in SingaporeCheah, J.S. 
2016Diabetic Microvascular Complications: Novel Risk Factors, Biomarkers, and Risk Prediction ModelsMcKay G.J.; Teo B.W. ; Zheng Y.-F. ; Sambamoorthi U.; Sabanayagam C. 
Apr-2011Diabetic retinopathy in 2011: Further insights from new epidemiological studies and clinical trialsLamoureux, E.L.; Wong, T.Y. 
Aug-2009Diastolic heart failure: What, so what and now what?Lam, C.S.P. 
2012Diet and exercise in the treatment of fatty liverMagkos F. ; Lavoie J.-M.; Kantartzis K.; Gastaldelli A.
2013Digital manufacturing and cloud manufacturingZhou, Z.; Fuh, J. ; Xie, S.; Jiang, Z.
1-Mar-2015Disease-Related Stigma and Discrimination: Worse than Disease Itself?Leonardo D. de Castro
Aug-2004Distributed CAD for supporting Internet collaborative designFuh, J.Y.H. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
2012Distributed mobile sensor networks for hazardous applicationsEhlers, F.; Sofge, D.; Chitre, M. ; Potter, J.
17-Jul-2017Do STAT3 inhibitors have potential in the future for cancer therapy?Andrea Wong; Gautam Sethi ; Boon-Cher Goh ; Hirpara J.L. ; Pervaiz S. ; Eu J.Q. 
Jan-2013Dosing issues in Parkinson's disease - patient preferences and their influence on complianceLim, E.C.H. 
18-Sep-2017Dwelling in Asia: translations between dwelling, housing and domesticityLilian Chee ; Eunice Seng