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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2004Microarray-based technologies and beyond: PrefaceYao, S.Q. ; Chittur, S.V.
3-Apr-2019Migration and marriage in Asian contextsWei-Jun Jean Yeung ; Zheng Mu 
Feb-2013Milestones and future prospects in snake venom researchKini, R.M. ; Fox, J.W.
Jun-2013Millennium development goals national targets are moving targets and the results will not be known until well afterthe deadline of 2015Oestergaard, M.Z.; Alkema, L. ; Lawn, J.E.
2016Mind over matter? Pain, withdrawal and sedation in paediatric critical careAgbeko R.S.; Argent A.; MacLaren G 
7-Sep-2018Mixing race, nation and ethnicity in Asia and AustralasiaBrenda S.A. Yeoh ; Zarine L. Rocha ; Kristel Anne Acedera 
2014Mobilities and modernities in Asia: history, historiography, and be(com)ing on the moveSteele M.W.; Lin W. 
Jun-2011Model-based representation in scientific practice: New perspectivesGelfert, A. 
30-Dec-2009Modern Physics Letters B: PrefaceXue, D.; Lu, L. ; Kim, K.W.; Kitamura, K.
Apr-2005Modulation, coding and signal processing for wireless communicationsBiglieri, E.; Mclane, P.J.; Kam, P.Y. 
2015Molecular Phylogenetics 2014Lyubetsky V.; Piel W.H. ; Stadler P.F.
2019Monitoring antimicrobial resistance dissemination in aquatic systemsNg, C ; Gin, K.Y.-H 
2006More antioxidants in sepsis: Still paved with uncertaintiesCross, C.E.; Van, Asbeck B.S.; Halliwell, B. 
4-Jul-2017`Moving beyond?: academic developers, academic identity, and strategic developmentJohan Geertsema ; Huang Hoon Chng 
2015MSCs: Scientific support for multiple therapiesPittenger M.F.; Le Blanc K.; Phinney D.G.; Chan J.K.Y. 
2008Multimedia applications in mobile/wireless contextShen, B.; Ooi, W.T. ; Morabito, G.; Steinbach, E.
2000Multimedia authoring and presentation techniquesPrabhakaran, B. 
2010Multimedia security and forensicsYan, W.Q.; Kurugollu, F.; Emmanuel, S.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
2007Multimodal imaging and hybrid scannersAzhari H.; Edelman R.R.; Townsend D. 
2007Multiview imaging and 3DTVKubota A.; Smolic A.; Magnor M.; Tanimoto M.; Chen T. ; Zhang C.