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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Nov-2017People in Social Context (PISC) DatasetLi Junnan; Wong Yong Kang ; Zhao Qi ; Kankanhalli, Mohan S 
2015Perceptions of Governance SurveyTan, Ern Ser 
16-Nov-2017Pheromone learning in Bicyclus Nov 2017, Dion et al.Dion Emilie Julie Pauline ; Li Xian Pui; Monteiro, Antonia Fraser 
2015POPS (8) IPS Post-Election Survey 2015Koh Lim Choo Brigtte Gillian 
2013POPS(6) Perceptions of Singles on Marriage and Having ChildrenYap Mui Teng 
2015POPS(7) Perceptions of the Marriage & Parenthood Package IIYap Mui Teng 
16-Apr-2018Replication Data for: "Gender Gap Under Pressure: Evidence from China's National College Entrance Examination"Pan Yunfen, Jessica ; Lu, Yi; Zhong Songfa ; Cai, Xiqian
2013Scholarly Paper Recommendation DatasetsKazunari Sugiyama ; Min-Yen Kan 
13-Jan-2019Semantic richness effects in spoken word recognition: A lexical decision and semantic categorization megastudyGoh, Winston D ; Yap, Melvin J 
13-Nov-2017Social-Sensors Dataset: "NUS-SENSE"Farseev, A.; Chua Tat Seng 
2011Survey on Political Traits and Media UseTan Tarn How 
14-May-2018The Administrative Boundary Maps of China: 1949-2017University of Michigan China Data Center
2016The Makan Index – A Survey of Hawker Food PricesLeong Chan Hoong 
9-Mar-2015The National University of Singapore SMS CorpusChen, T.; Kan Min-Yen 
3-Nov-2017The NUS hand posture datasets IPramod Kumar, P.; Prahlad Vadakkepat ; Loh Ai Poh 
3-Nov-2017The NUS hand posture datasets IIPramod Kumar, P.; Prahlad Vadakkepat ; Loh Ai Poh 
9-Nov-2006The nus/contact dataset (v. 2006-08-01)Vikram Srinivasan ; Motani, Mehul ; Ooi Wei Tsang 
18-Oct-2019The Role of Greed in the Entrepreneurial ProcessLIANG Xingye
21-Dec-2018U.S. R&D data (Cattell directories)Png Paak Liang Ivan 
20-Sep-2017Using peer review to distribute group work marks equitably between medical studentsCook, Alex R; Mikael Hartman ; Luo Nan ; Judy Sng Gek Khim ; Fong Ngan Phoon ; Lim Wei Yen ; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; Wong Mee Lian ; Natarajan Rajaraman ; Lee Jen-Mai, Jeannette ; Koh Choon Huat, Gerald