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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2018Data from: Roads to isolation: similar genomic history patterns in two species of freshwater crabs with contrasting environmental tolerances and range sizesYwee Chieh Tay ; Daniel Jia Jun Ng; Jun Bin Loo; Danwei Huang ; Yixiong Cai ; Darren Chong Jinn Yeo ; Rudolf Meier 
16-May-2019Data from: The socio-economic impact of multidrug-resistant nosocomial infections: a qualitative studyMo Yin ; Isaac Low Taoyang; Tambyah Siok Kuan ; Paul Anantharajah Tambyah 
30-Jul-2019Data from: Three-dimensional cellular imaging in thick biological tissue with confocal detection of one-photon fluorescence in the near-infrared II windowWang, Menghan; Chen, Nanguang 
13-Nov-2017Dataset for "Towards Automated Related Work Summarization"Hoang, C.D.V.; Kan Min-Yen 
7-Jun-2019Development of a quality of life scale in English and Chinese for family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer in SingaporeYin Bun Cheung ; Shirlyn H. S. Neo; Irene Teo ; Grace M. Yang; Geok Ling Lee ; Julian Thumboo ; John W. K. Chia; Audrey R. X. Koh; Debra L. M. Qu; William W. L. Che; Annie Lau; Hwee Lin Wee 
Sep-2019Early-exposure to new sex pheromone blend alters mate preference in female butterflies and in their offspringDION EMILIE JULIE PAULINE 
1-Jul-2019Feeling your pain and feeling your joy: A daily investigation of the costs and benefits of empathizing at workIlies, Remus ; Aw, Shi Yi Sherry
20-Jul-2017Human Interaction Image (HII) datasetLi Junnan; Wong Yong Kang ; Zhao Qi ; Kankanhalli, Mohan S 
2011Impact of New Media on General Election 2011Tan Tarn How 
2016Internet and Media Use During GE2015Soon Wan Ting 
2015IPS Study on Perceptions of Singapore’s historyLeong Chan Hoong 
23-Nov-2018Landslides in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal before and after the 2015 Gorkha EarthquakeKaushal Raj Gnyawali; Basanta Raj Adhikari; Mc Adoo, Brian Garland 
10-Jun-2019Location of U.S. Corporate Headquarters, 1988-2006Png Paak Liang Ivan 
10-Jun-2019Location of U.S. Manufacturing, 1987-2014: A New DatasetXiong Xi; Png Paak Liang Ivan 
17-Nov-2017LyricFind CorpusEllis, R.J.; Xing, Z.; Fang, J.; Wang Ye 
19-Oct-2018Makan Index 2017: An Indicator For Cost Of Eating Out In SingaporeGoh Zhang Hao ; Leong Chan Hoong ; Varian Lim Aik Meng 
5-Sep-2017Multi-Camera Action Dataset (MCAD)Wenhui Li; Wong Yong Kang ; An-An Liu; Yang Li; Yu-Ting Su; Kankanhalli, Mohan S 
10-Jan-2018National Environment Agency Climatological Data - 234 Months of Hourly Rainfall at 40 Selected Stations for Dec 2016 to May 2017National Environment Agency
31-Aug-2018National Environment Agency Climatological Data - Hourly Rainfall at 40 Selected Stations for Aug 2017 to Mar 2018National Environment Agency
6-Nov-2017NUS Multi-Sensor Presentation (NUSMSP) DatasetGan Tian; Wong Yong Kang ; Mandal, Bappaditya; Li Junnan; Chandrasekhar, Vijay; Kankanhalli, Mohan S