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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Gender and MigrationWillis, Katie; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2005Gender politics in the Asia-Pacific regionYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Teo, Cheok Chin Peggy ; Huang, Swee Lian Shirlena 
2006Generalized plasticityYu, M.-H.; Ma, G.-W.; Qiang, H.-F.; Zhang, Y.-Q. 
Aug-2015[Given, If, Then]: a reading in three partsFernando, J ; Holzl, J; Davy, JH
2011Global Shift: How the West Should Respond to the Rise of ChinaDeudney, Daniel; Goldgeier, James; Kem, Steffen; Maull, Hanns W.; Rehman, Iskander; Kim, Sooyeon 
2006Globalisation and the Politics of ForgettingLee, Yong-Sook ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2008Globalization, the city, and civil society in Pacific Asia : the social production of civic spacesDouglass, Mike; Ho, Kong Chong ; Ooi, Giok Ling
1997Grammatical Relations and Clause Structure in MalayalamMohanan, K.P. 
30-May-2019Greening the Urban Habitat – A Quantitative and Empirical ApproachHO, Kim Hin David 
1982H J Van Mook and Indonesian Independence: A Study of His Role in Dutch-Indonesian Relations, 1945-48Yong, Mun Cheong 
2007Handbook of enterprise systems architecture in practiceSaha, P. 
14-Jul-2008Handbook of Probiotics and Prebiotics: Second EditionLee, Y.K. ; Salminen, S.
2006Handbook of research on Asian businessYeung, H.W.-C. 
2014Hard Choices: Challenging the Singapore ConsensusSudhir Thomas Vadaketh; Donald Low 
2012History, narrative, and testimony in Amitav Ghosh's fictionSankaran, Chitra 
16-Mar-2017Humean Nature How desire explains action, thought, and feelingNEILADRI SINHABABU 
2006Illegal downloading & pirated media in Singapore: consumer awareness, motivations & attitudesLim, Sun Sun 
2009Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years in SingaporeBridget Welsh; James Chin; Arun Mahizhnan ; Tan Tarn How 
Jun-2016In nomine patrisFernando, J ; Lee Koe, A