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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Gender, Power and Ideology in DiscourseLazar, Michelle M. 
13-Dec-2016Fields of Attraction in PhonologyMohanan, K.P. 
2005Financial Markets And Institutions in SingaporeTan Chwee Huat 
2011Financial Services and Wealth Management in SingaporeTan Chwee Huat 
2004Financial Services in SingaporeTan Chwee Huat 
2004First Step: Tamil in an International Arena : Conference ProceedingsSankaran, Chitra ; Thinnappan, Subramanian P. 
2020Force and Position Control of Mechatronic Systems Design and Applications in Medical DevicesLee, Tong Heng ; Liang, Wenyu ; Silva, Clarence W de ; Tan, Kok Kiong 
25-Aug-2011From DNA to Social CognitionEbstein, R. ; Shamay-Tsoory, S.; Chew, S.H.
2009From Rebellion to Riots: Collective Violence on Indonesian BorneoJamie S. Davidson 
2012Future Asian Space: Projecting the Urban Space of New East AsiaErwin Viray ; Davisi Boontharm ; Limin Hee 
2000Gender and MigrationWillis, Katie; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2005Gender politics in the Asia-Pacific regionYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Teo, Cheok Chin Peggy ; Huang, Swee Lian Shirlena 
2006Generalized plasticityYu, M.-H.; Ma, G.-W.; Qiang, H.-F.; Zhang, Y.-Q. 
Aug-2015[Given, If, Then]: a reading in three partsFernando, J ; Holzl, J; Davy, JH
2011Global Shift: How the West Should Respond to the Rise of ChinaDeudney, Daniel; Goldgeier, James; Kem, Steffen; Maull, Hanns W.; Rehman, Iskander; Kim, Sooyeon 
2006Globalisation and the Politics of ForgettingLee, Yong-Sook ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2008Globalization, the city, and civil society in Pacific Asia : the social production of civic spacesDouglass, Mike; Ho, Kong Chong ; Ooi, Giok Ling
1997Grammatical Relations and Clause Structure in MalayalamMohanan, K.P. 
30-May-2019Greening the Urban Habitat – A Quantitative and Empirical ApproachHO, Kim Hin David 
1982H J Van Mook and Indonesian Independence: A Study of His Role in Dutch-Indonesian Relations, 1945-48Yong, Mun Cheong