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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20061905年的广州社会文化: 从抵制美货运动的几个侧面观察黄贤强 
2014A dialectical approach to analyzing polyphonic discourses of corporate social responsibilityDhanesh, Ganga S. 
2010A Study of the Deceiving Tricks Employed by the Civil Service Examination Aids Publishers in the Mid- and Late-MingSim, CP 
2009A Unified Framework for Video Indexing, Summarization, Browsing, and RetrievalXiong Z.; Radhakrishnan R.; Rui Y.; Divakaran A.; Chen T. ; Huang T.S.
2014Action research for coherently integrated sustainability policy design and implementationKua, H. W. 
1994Adolescence in SingaporeHo, Kong Chong 
1998After the (Unwritten) 'Postcolonial' in Southeast Asia: What Happens Next?Talib, Ismail Bin Said 
2011Agent-based coordination framework for disruption management in a chemical supply chainBehdani, B.; Lukszo, Z.; Adhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. 
2002Akusesu' to 'esutetikkusu': rediizu komikku ni okeru josei no yokub? to shikakuteki kairakuShamoon D. 
2001Ambivalent Reinscriptions of the Woman in Post-ColonialitySankaran, Chitra 
2005American Neo-Liberal Hegemony and the Positioning of the New Enemy: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Global Politics in the Post-Cold War EraLazar, Michelle M. ; Lazar, Annita
2019Amitav GhoshSankaran, Chitra 
2011An Environmental Management System in a Manufacturing Plant in Singapore: Challenges and SolutionsCheng, Y. S.; Kua, H. W. 
2012An exegesis of studio-based inquiryChee, Lilian 
28-Feb-2019An Incomplete Plan of Saving China through Agricultural Industry: General Huang Qiang and His Study Trips to Nanyang and TaiwanWong Sin Kiong 
2010An integrated approach to a successor of Kyoto ProtocolKua, H. W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
2002Animal Imagery and Political Conflict in Modern ChinaWong, Sin Kiong ; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.
2003Approaching transnationalismsYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lai, Peak Yue Karen ; Charney, Michael W. ; Tong, Chee Kiong 
2008Are the Chinese dams to be blamed for the lower water levels in the lower mekong?Lu X. ; Wang J.J.; Carl Grundy-Warr 
2007Asian women negotiating work challenges and family commitmentsDevasahayam, Theresa W ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda