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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012V oc saturation effect in high-temperature hydrogenated polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cellsHidayat, H.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2007V t balancing and device sizing towards high yield of sub-threshold static logic gatesPu, Y.; De Gyvez, J.P.; Corporaal, H.; Ha, Y. 
17-May-2005V-BLAST: Performance comparison of detectors, improved high speed detectors, and interference cancellation ordering effect for high data rate MIMO systemsZHU HUFEI
Nov-1999v3 band of DCOOHGoh, K.L.; Ong, P.P. ; Tan, T.L. 
2016V?2+ and ?/? T cells show divergent trajectories during human agingYing Tan, C.T; Wistuba-Hamprecht, K; Xu, W; Zin Nyunt, M.S ; Vasudev, A; Kwong Lee, B.T; Pawelec, G; Puan, K.J; Rotzschke, O; Ng, T.P ; Larbi, A 
7-Nov-1994Vacancies on the Si(001) c(4 × 2) surfaceLow, K.C.; Lim, H.S. ; Ong, C.K. 
15-Nov-2001Vacancy effects on plasma-induced damage to n-type GaNChua, S.J. ; Choi, H.W.; Zhang, J. ; Li, P.
2008Vacancy engineering by optimized laser irradiation in boron-implanted, preamorphized silicon substrateTan, D.X.M.; Pey, K.L.; Ong, K.K.; Colombeau, B.; Ng, C.M.; Yeong, S.H.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Liu, C.J. ; Wang, X.C.
Sep-1999Vacancy-enhanced intermixing in highly strained InGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum well photodetectorLee, A.S.W.; Li, E.H.; Karunasiri, G. 
May-2012Vacancy-induced room-temperature ferromagnetism in Ga-TiO 2Bao, N.N. ; Yi, J.B.; Fan, H.M.; Qin, X.B.; Zhang, P.; Wang, B.Y.; Ding, J. ; Li, S.
May-2012Vacancy-induced room-temperature ferromagnetism in Ga-TiO 2Bao, N.N. ; Yi, J.B.; Fan, H.M.; Qin, X.B.; Zhang, P.; Wang, B.Y.; Ding, J. ; Li, S.
2018Vacation or Obli-cation: (Re)producing the Happy Family in a Home-Away-From-HomeCheong Yinn Shan
2017Vaccaria hypaphorine alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation via inactivation of NF?B and ERK pathways in Raw 264.7 cellsSun, H ; Cai, W; Wang, X; Liu, Y; Hou, B; Zhu, X; Qiu, L
2008Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwideAndre, F.E.; Booy, R.; Bock, H.L.; Datta, S.K.; Clemens, J.; John, T.J.; Lee, B.W. ; Lolekha, S.; Peltola, H.; Ruff, T.A.; Santosham, M.; Schmitt, H.J.
2002Vaccination of ducks with recombinant outer membrane protein (OmpA) and a 41 kDa partial protein (P45N′) of Riemerella anatipestiferHuang, B.; Subramaniam, S.; Tan, H.-M. ; Kwang, J. ; Chua, K.-L. ; Frey, J.; Loh, H.; Fernandez, C.J.
2013Vaccination of ferrets with a recombinant G glycoprotein subunit vaccine provides protection against Nipah virus disease for over 12 monthsPallister J.A.; Klein R.; Arkinstall R.; Haining J.; Long F.; White J.R.; Payne J.; Feng Y.-R.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.; Middleton D.
2017Vaccine containing the three allelic variants of the Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite antigen induces protection in mice after challenge with a transgenic rodent malaria parasiteGimenez, A.M; Lima, L.C; Françoso, K.S; Denapoli, P.M.A; Panatieri, R; Bargieri, D.Y; Thiberge, J.-M; Andolina, C; Nosten, F; Renia, L ; Nussenzweig, R.S; Nussenzweig, V; Amino, R; Rodrigues, M.M; Soares, I.S
2011Vaccine Potential of Nipah Virus-Like ParticlesWalpita P.; Barr J.; Sherman M.; Basler C.F.; Wang L. 
2010Vaccinia-related kinase 1 is required for the maintenance of undifferentiated spermatogonia in mouse male germ cellsChoi Y.H.; Park C.-H.; Kim W.; Ling H.; Kang A.; Chang M.W. ; Im S.-K.; Jeong H.-W.; Kong Y.-Y.; Kim K.-T.
2000Vacillatory and BC learning on noisy dataCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F.