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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011S 3 : AAn efficient shared scan scheduler on MapReduce frameworkShi, L.; Li, X.; Tan, K.-L. 
28-Apr-2012(S)-Proline-catalyzed nitro-Michael reactions: Towards a better understanding of the catalytic mechanism and enantioselectivityYang, H. ; Wong, M.W. 
2015(s, S) policy model for liner shipping refueling and sailing speed optimization problemSheng, Xiaoming; Chew, Ek Peng ; Lee, Loo Hay 
2016S-2-hydroxyglutarate regulates CD8+ T-lymphocyte fateTyrakis P.A.; Palazon A.; Macias D.; Lee K.L. ; Phan A.T.; Veliça P.; You J.; Chia G.S.; Sim J.; Doedens A.; Abelanet A.; Evans C.E.; Griffiths J.R.; Poellinger L. ; Goldrath A.W.; Johnson R.S.
2003S-AdaBoost and pattern detection in complex environmentJiang, J.L. ; Loe, K.-F. 
28-Mar-2005S-alkylation-induced redox reactions leading to reversible sulfur-sulfur coupling in a pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ruthenium(III) thiolate-thioether systemShin, R.Y.C.; Teo, M.E.; Leong, W.K. ; Vittal, J.J. ; Yip, J.H.K. ; Goh, L.Y. ; Webster, R.D.
2007S-allylcysteine mediates cardioprotection in an acute myocardial infarction rat model via a hydrogen sulfide-mediated pathwayShin, C.C.; Moore, P.K. ; Zhu, Y.Z. 
7-Mar-2008S-Allylcysteine reduces breast tumor cell adhesion and invasionGapter, L.A. ; Yuin, O.Z.; Ng, K.-y. 
1-Sep-2018S-Cluster plus plus : a fast program for solving the cluster containment problem for phylogenetic networksYan, Hongwei ; Gunawan, Andreas DM ; Zhang, Louxin 
26-Sep-2018S-Nitrosylation of Divalent Metal Transporter 1 Enhances Iron Uptake to Mediate Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons and Motoric DeficitLiu, Chao ; Zhang, Cheng-Wu ; Lo, Shun Qiang ; Ang, Seok Ting ; Chew, Katherine Chee Meng ; Yu, Dejie; Chai, Bing Han; Tan, Bobby; Tsang, Fai ; Tai, Yee Kit ; Tan, Bryce Wei Quan; Liang, Mui Cheng ; Tan, Hwee Tong ; Tang, Jia Ying ; Lai, Mitchell Kim Peng ; Chua, John Jia En ; Chung, Maxey Ching Ming ; Khanna, Sanjay ; Lim, Kah-Leong ; Soong, Tuck Wah 
2011S-shaped appraisal-emotion relationships: The role of neuroticismTong, E.M.W. ; Tay, K.L.H.
2006S-shaped inlet design optimization using the adjoint equation methodZhang, Z. ; Lum, K.-Y. 
2006S-shaped intake duct parametrizationDhanabalan, S.S. ; Won, K.S. ; Tsai, H.M. 
13-Sep-2010S-wave interaction in a two-species Fermi-Fermi mixture at a narrow Feshbach resonanceCosta, L.; Brachmann, J.; Voigt, A.-C.; Hahn, C.; Taglieber, M.; Hänsch, T.W.; Dieckmann, K. 
22-Oct-1999S. pombe Pbh1p: An inhibitor of apoptosis domain containing protein is essential for chromosome segregationRajagopalan, S.; Balasubramanian, M.K. 
1993S1 nuclease protection mapping.Smith, D.R. 
2011S100A expression in normal corneal-limbal epithelial cells and ocular surface squamous cell carcinoma tissueLi, J.; Riau, A.K.; Setiawan, M.; Mehta, J.S. ; Ti, S.-E.; Tong, L. ; Tan, D.T.H.; Beuerman, R.W.
Jan-2014S100A proteins as molecular targets in the ocular surface inflammatory diseasesTong, L. ; Lan, W.; Lim, R.R.; Chaurasia, S.S.
14-Dec-2013S100A9 induces aggregation-prone conformation in Abeta peptides: A combined experimental and simulation studyZhao, L.N.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, C. ; Wang, C.; Morozova-Roche, L.A.; Chew, L.Y.; Mu, Y.