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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000M-ficolin is expressed on monocytes and is a lectin binding to N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and mediates monocyte adhesion and phagocytosis of Escherichia coliTeh, C.; Le, Y.; Lee, S.H.; Lu, J. 
2013M-theoretic derivations of 4d-2d dualities: From a geometric Langlands duality for surfaces, to the AGT correspondence, to integrable systemsTan, M.-C. 
2011M-V MOSFETs: Surface passivation, source/drain and channel strain engineering, self-aligned contact metallizationYeo, Y.-C. ; Chin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Guo, H.; Zhang, X.
May-1996M/g/∞ with alternating renewal breakdownsJayawardene, A.K. ; Kella, O.
2007M2ICAL analyses HC-gammonOon, W.-C.; Henz, M. 
16-Oct-2007M2ICAL: A technique for analyzing imperfect comparison algorithms using Markov chainsOON WEE CHONG
2007M2ICAL: A tool for analyzing imperfect comparison algorithmsOon, W.-C.; Henz, M. 
1-Apr-1999M3/M1-selective antimuscarinic tropinyl and piperidinyl estersXu, R.; Sim, M.-K.; Go, M.-L. 
1999M3DFE detector with improved path selectionKrachkovsky, Victor Yu ; Lee, Yuan Xing ; Indukumar, K.C.
1-Mar-1999{M3S2} heterometallic aggregates derived from Pt2(PPh3)4(μ-S)2: Structural analysis of [MPt2X(PPh3)5(μ3-S) 2]+ (M=Pd and Pt, X=Cl; M=Rh and Ir, X=CO) by X-ray single-crystal crystallographyLi, Z.; Liu, H.; Mok, K.F. ; Batsanov, A.S.; Howard, J.A.K.; Hor, T.S.A. 
Oct-2008MAA3 (MAGATAMA3) helicase gene is required for female gametophyte development and pollen tube guidance in Arabidopsis thalianaShimizu, K.K.; Ito, T. ; Ishiguro, S.; Okada, K.
2009mAb 84, a cytotoxic antibody that kills undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells via oncosisTan, H.L.; Fong, W.J.; Yap, M.; Choo, A.; Lee, E.H. 
2015MAb C19 targets a novel surface marker for the isolation of human cardiac progenitor cells from human heart tissue and differentiated hESCsLeung Hau Wan; Moerkamp Asja T.; Padmanabhan Jayanthi; Ng Sze Wai; Goumans Marie Jose; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE 
2013MAC protocol design and performance analysis for random access cognitive radio networksChen, Q.; Wong, W.-C. ; Motani, M. ; Liang, Y.-C.
2002MAC protocol enhancements and a distributed scheduler for QoS guarantees over the IEEE 802.11 wireless LANsJacob, L. ; Qiang, Q.; Pillai, R.R.; Prabhakaran, B.
5-May-2009MAC protocols for wireless networks: Spatial-reuse and energy-efficiencyTAN HOCK LAI, PAUL
2011MAC protocols that exploit propagation delay in underwater networksShahabudeen, S. ; Chitre, M.; Motani, M. 
Mar-2002MAC units for matched filters in DS-CDMA systemsPremkumar, A.B.; Madhukumar, A.S. ; Lau, C.T.
2008MACA-MN: A MACA-based MAC protocol for underwater acoustic networks with packet train for multiple neighborsChirdchoo, N. ; Soh, W.-S. ; Chua, K.C.