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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982H J Van Mook and Indonesian Independence: A Study of His Role in Dutch-Indonesian Relations, 1945-48Yong, Mun Cheong 
Sep-1989H multiplier results on locally compact vilenkin groupsOnneweer, C.W.; Quek, T.S. 
2011H ∞ probabilistic robust control of Hard Disk DriveChamanbaz, M.; Keikha, E.; Venkataramanan, V.; Al Mamun, A. ; Qing-Guo, W. ; Liew, T. 
2012H(2)S-Releasing Aspirin Protects against Aspirin-Induced Gastric Injury via Reducing Oxidative StressLiu L.; Cui J.; Song C.-J.; Bian J.-S. ; Sparatore A.; Del Soldato P.; Wang X.-Y.; Yan C.-D.
28-Oct-2003H-domination in graphsKoh, K.M. ; Lim, B.B.; Slater, P.J.
Jun-1984H-extension of graphsShee, S.C. ; Teh, H.H. 
2015H-ferritin is preferentially incorporated by human erythroid cells through transferrin receptor 1 in a threshold-dependent mannerSakamoto S.; Kawabata H.; Masuda T.; Uchiyama T.; Mizumoto C.; Ohmori K.; Koeffler H.P. ; Kadowaki N.; Takaori-Kondo A.
1993H-induced passivation of GaAs(110)-Be surface-acceptor systemsKhoo, G.S.; Ong, C.K. 
Apr-2009H-infinity static output-feedback control for rotorcraftGadewadikar, J.; Lewis, F.L.; Subbarao, K.; Peng, K. ; Chen, B.M. 
17-Dec-2010H-shaped oligothiophenes with low band gaps and amphoteric redox propertiesLuo, J. ; Huang, K.-W.; Qu, H.; Zhang, X. ; Zhu, L.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Chi, C. 
2005H.264/AVC codec: Instruction level complexity analysisXu, C.; Le, T.M. ; Tay, T.-T. 
2014H2O2 inhibits ABA-signaling protein phosphatase HAB1Sridharamurthy M.; Kovach A.; Zhao Y.; Zhu J.-K.; Xu H.E.; Swaminathan K. ; Melcher K.
2008H2S preconditioning-induced PKC activation regulates intracellular calcium handling in rat cardiomyocytesPan, T.-T.; Neo, K.L.; Hu, L.-F. ; Yong, Q.C.; Bian, J.-S. 
27-Jun-2008H2S, the potentially novel gasotransmitter during experimental cerebral ischemiaQU KUN
19-Oct-2011H3K4 tri-methylation provides an epigenetic signature of active enhancersPekowska, A.; Benoukraf, T. ; Zacarias-Cabeza, J.; Belhocine, M.; Koch, F.; Holota, H.; Imbert, J.; Andrau, J.-C.; Ferrier, P.; Spicuglia, S.
2004H3PW12O40-supported MCM-41 acid catalyst for the gas-phase synthesis of MTBEXia, Q.H. ; Wee, C.H.; Hidajat, K. ; Kawi, S. 
31-Dec-2002Haberma nanum, a new genus and new species of mangrove crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Sesarmidae) from SingaporeNg, P.K.L. ; Schubart, C.D.
2000Habitat preference, reproduction and diet of the earthworm eel, Chendol keelini (Teleostei: Chaudhuriidae)Kerle, R.; Britz, R.; Ng, P.K.L. 
Dec-2004Habitat preferences in Acroporium (Sematophyllaceae) and related taxa in Peninsular MalaysiaHedenäs, L.; Tan, B.C. ; Bisang, I.; Hammarberg, C.