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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012G protein activation without a GEF in the plant kingdomUrano D. ; Jones J.C.; Wang H.; Matthews M.; Bradford W.; Bennetzen J.L.; Jones A.M.
Sep-2012G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 Promotes Flaviviridae Entry and ReplicationLe Sommer, C.; Barrows, N.J.; Bradrick, S.S.; Pearson, J.L.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A. 
1998G-15 and South-South cooperation: promise and performanceSridharan, K. 
1998G-band expression and megabase fragmentations in apoptosisChen, D.L.; Swe, M. ; Sit, K.H. 
Jul-2009G-CSF induces a potentially tolerant gene and immunophenotype profile in T cells in vivoToh, H.C.; Sun, L.; Soe, Y.; Wu, Y.; Phoon, Y.P.; Chia, W.K.; Wu, J.; Wong, K.Y.; Tan, P. 
2018G-NET: Effective GPU sharing in NFV SystemsKai Zhang; Bingsheng He ; Jiayu Hu; Zeke Wang ; Bei Hua; Jiayi Meng; Lishan Yang
2004G-PRIMER: Greedy algorithm for selecting minimal primer setWang, J.; Li, K.-B.; Sung, W.-K. 
May-2012G-quadruplex based probes for visual detection and sensingNeo, J.L.; Kamaladasan, K.; Uttamchandani, M. 
2019G-Softmax: Improving Intraclass Compactness and Interclass Separability of FeaturesLuo, Yan; Wong, Yongkang ; Kankanhalli, Mohan ; Zhao, Qi
2013G-tree: An efficient index for KNN search on road networksZhong, R.; Li, G.; Tan, K.-L. ; Zhou, L.
7-Nov-2011G12 signaling through c-jun nh 2-terminal kinase promotes breast cancer cell invasionJuneja, J.; Cushman, I.; Casey, P.J. 
2018G2019S LRRK2 increases stress susceptibility through inhibition of DAF-16 nuclear translocation in a 14-3-3 associated-manner in caenorhabditis elegansLong, S; Guo, W; Hu, S; Su, F; Zeng, Y; Zeng, J; Tan, E.-K ; Ross, C.A; Pei, Z
15-Dec-2012G9a mediates Sharp-1–dependent inhibition of skeletal muscle differentiationLing, Mei Tze, Belinda ; Gopinadhan, Suma ; Kok, Wai Kay ; Shankar, Shilpa Rani ; Gopal, Pooja ; Bharathy, Narendra; Wang, Yaju ; Taneja, Reshma 
30-Sep-2016G9a promotes proliferation and inhibits cell cycle exit during myogenic differentiationRao, Vinay Kumar|; Ow, Jin Rong; SHILPA RANI SHANKAR ; Narendra Bharathy; MANIKANDAN JAYAPAL ; WANG YAJU ; RESHMA TANEJA 
Jan-2013G9a, a multipotent regulator of gene expressionShankar, Shilpa Rani ; Bhairvani, Avinash G.; Rao, Vinay Kumar Manighatta Bheema ; Bharathy, Narendra; Ow, Jin Rong; Taneja, Reshma 
2012GA based high-order peak filter design with application to compensation of contact-induced vibration in HDD servo systemsHuang, D.; Xu, J.-X. ; Deng, X.; Venkataramanan, V.; Tuong, H.T.C.
Feb-2010GA based optimal feature extraction method for functional data classificationWan, J.; Chen, Z. ; Chen, Y.; Bai, Z. 
2007GA optimisation of non-singleton fuzzy logic system for ECG classificationChua, T.W.; Tan, W.W. 
15-Jun-2004GA-based substructural identification with static measurementsMAK SWEE CHIANG