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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011D Markers: Ubiquitous dynamic makers for augmented realityPeiris, R.L.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Bee, C.S.; Cheok, A.D. ; Ganesan, A.G.; Kumarasinghe, P.
2003D(K)-Index: An Adaptive Structural Summary for Graph-Structured DataChen, Q. ; Lim, A. ; Ong, K.W.
Jan-1995(d, k/I) constrained partial response maximum likelihood codesLi, Yuan Xing; Subrahmanyam, Jai N.; Deng, Robert H. 
16-Jan-2013D-f hybridization and quantum criticality in weakly-itinerant ferromagnetsSilva Neto, M.B.; Castro Neto, A.H. ; Kim, J.S.; Stewart, G.R.
2009D-serine regulation: A possible therapeutic approach for central nervous diseases and chronic painSethuraman, R. ; Lee, T.L. ; Tachibana, S. 
2011D-SLIMMER: Domain-SLiM interaction motifs miner for sequence based protein-protein interaction dataHugo, W. ; Ng, S.-K.; Sung, W.-K. 
Aug-2013D-type anticipatory iterative learning control for a class of inhomogeneous heat equationsHuang, D.; Xu, J.-X. ; Li, X.; Xu, C.; Yu, M.
28-Feb-2008d-α-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) modified poly(l-lactide) (PLLA) films for localized delivery of paclitaxelDong, Y. ; Zhang, Z. ; Feng, S.-S. 
10-Sep-2002D2EHPA based strontium removal from strongly alkaline nuclear wasteKocherginsky, N.M. ; Zhang, Y.K.; Stucki, J.W.
2010DA 1.0: Parameter estimation of biological pathways using data assimilation approachKoh, C.H.; Nagasaki, M.; Saito, A.; Wong, L. ; Miyano, S.
1-Jan-2017Dacron Skirt Reconstruction of the Left Ventricular Outflow Tract: Extending the Capabilities of a Valved ConduitRaman J.; Lai D.T.M. ; Dobrilovic N.; Aziz S.
2006DADA: A data cube for dominant relationship analysisLi, C.; Ooi, B.C. ; Tung, A.K.H. ; Wang, S.
Sep-2005DADD-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of t-ZrO 2 nanoparticlesChen, F. ; Hong, Q. ; Xu, G.-Q. ; Andy Hor, T.S. ; Shen, S. 
2005Dagster: Contributor-aware end-host multicast for media streaming in heterogeneous environmentOoi, W.T. 
12-Oct-2012Daily CO 2 partial pressure and CO 2 outgassing in the upper Yangtze River basin: A case study of the Longchuan River, ChinaLi, S. ; Lu, X.X. ; He, M.; Zhou, Y.; Li, L.; Ziegler, A.D. 
2012Daily CO 2 partial pressure and CO 2 outgassing in the upper Yangtze River basin: A case study of the Longchuan River, ChinaLi S. ; Lu X.X. ; He M.; Zhou Y.; Li L.; Ziegler A.D. 
1996Daipotamon minos, a new genus and species of potamid crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) from a cave in ChinaNg, P.K.L. ; Trontelj, P.
1-Jan-2009Dalatomon Dang and Ho, 2007, a senior synonym of Kempamon Yeo and Ng, 2007 (Brachyura, Potamidae)Yeo, D.C.J. ; Ng, P.K.L. 
1993Dalton communications. Synthesis and structural characterization of an Au-P linked chain polymer. The molecular structure of two pseudo-polymorphic forms of [{AuCl(μ-dppf)}n] [dppf = 1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]Houlton, A.; Mingos, D.M.P.; Murphy, D.M.; Williams, D.J.; Phang, L.-T.; Hor, T.S.A.