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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2017A Functional Varying-Coefficient Single Index Model for Functional Response DataJialiang Li ; Chao Huang; Hongtu Zhu
18-Aug-2010A programmable stimulator for functional electrical stimulationTAN YI JUN JASON
22-Jun-2006A "new" form of travel : Johnny's traveling fan cultureCHUA CHYI YIH
May-2009A "thru-short" method for noise de-embedding of mosfetsNan, L.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Mouthaan, K. ; Issaoun, A.; Shi, J.; Ooi, B.-L. 
21-Mar-2011A 'microfluidic pinball' for on-chip generation of Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte microcapsulesKantak, C.; Beyer, S.; Yobas, L.; Bansal, T.; Trau, D. 
2002A 'nation of intent' in Burma: Karen ethno-nationalism, nationalism and narrations of nationRajah, A. 
1997A 'new' cultural geography? Debates about invention and reinventionKong, L.L.L. 
Nov-2019A 0.012 mm2, $1.5 \mathrm{G}\Omega$ ZIN Intrinsic Feedback Capacitor Instrumentation Amplifier for Bio-Potential Recording and Respiratory MonitoringZhang, Lian ; Tang, Tao ; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Yoo, Jerald 
2007A 0.18-μm CMOS UWB LNA with 5 GHz interference rejectionGao, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Ooi, B.-L. 
14-Jun-2020A 0.25-V, 5.3-pW Voltage Reference with 25-µV/oC Temperature Coefficient, 140-µV/V Line Sensitivity and 2,200-µm2 Area in 180nmFassio, Luigi; LIN LONGYANG ; De Rose, Raffaele; Lanuzza, Marco; Crupi, Felice; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
2013A 0.45V 100-channel neural-recording IC with sub-μW/channel consumption in 0.18μm CMOSHan, D.; Zheng, Y.; Rajkumar, R. ; Dawe, G. ; Je, M. 
2015A 0.4V 280-nW frequency reference-less nearly all-digital hybrid domain temperature sensorZhao W ; Pan R; Ha Yajun ; Yang Z 
2011A 0.5-V 1.13-μW/channel neural recording interface with digital multiplexing schemeLiew, W.-S. ; Zou, X. ; Lian, Y. 
Feb-2012A 0.5-V 35-μ W 85-dB DR double-sampled δσ modulator for audio applicationsYang, Z.; Yao, L.; Lian, Y. 
Oct-2011A 0.6-V 82-dB 28.6-μW continuous-time audio deltasSigma modulatorZhang, J.; Lian, Y. ; Yao, L.; Shi, B.
2011A 0.7-V 100-μW audio delta-sigma modulator with 92-dB DR in 0.13-μm CMOSYang, Z.; Yao, L.; Lian, Y. 
2013A 0.7-V 17.4-μ W 3-lead wireless ECG SoCKhayatzadeh, M.; Zhang, X.; Tan, J. ; Liew, W.-S. ; Lian, Y. 
2012A 0.7-V 17.4-μW 3-lead wireless ECG SoCKhayatzadeh, M.; Zhang, X.; Tan, J. ; Liew, W.-S. ; Lian, Y. 
2010A 0.92/5.3nJ/b UWB impulse radio SoC for communication and localizationZheng, Y.J.; Diao, S.-X.; Ang, C.-W.; Gao, Y.; Choong, F.-C.; Chen, Z.; Liu, X.; Wang, Y.-S.; Yuan, X.-J.; Heng, C.H.