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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Extracellular ATP induces cytosolic calcium oscillations associated with an increase in intracellular pH in human Chang liver cells.Bay, B.H. 
1992Extracellular ATP induces rapid cell rounding in cultured human Chang liver cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
2018Extracellular electron transfer powers Enterococcus faecalis biofilm metabolismKeogh D.; Lam L.N.; Doyle L.E.; Matysik A.; Pavagadhi S. ; Umashankar S. ; Low P.M.; Dale J.L.; Song Y.; Ng S.P.; Boothroyd C.B.; Dunny G.M.; Swarup S. ; Williams R.B.H. ; Marsili E.; Kline K.A.
Mar-1985Extracellular enzymes of some black aspergilli in SingaporeLim, G. ; Khew, E.; Yeoh, H.H. 
10-Oct-2013Extracellular haemoglobin upregulates and binds to tissue factor on macrophages: Implications for coagulation and oxidative stressBahl, N.; Winarsih, I. ; Tucker-Kellogg, L. ; Ding, J.L. 
2016Extracellular interactions and ligand degradation shape the nodal morphogen gradientWang, Y; Wang, X ; Wohland, T ; Sampath, K
2017Extracellular matrix proteomics identifies molecular signature of symptomatic carotid plaquesLangley, S.R ; Willeit, K; Didangelos, A; Matic, L.P; Skroblin, P; Barallobre-Barreiro, J; Lengquist, M; Rungger, G; Kapustin, A; Kedenko, L; Molenaar, C; Lu, R; Barwari, T; Suna, G; Yin, X; Iglseder, B; Paulweber, B; Willeit, P; Shalhoub, J; Pasterkamp, G; Davies, A.H; Monaco, C; Hedin, U; Shanahan, C.M; Willeit, J; Kiechl, S; Mayr, M
2008Extracellular matrix stability of primary mammalian chondrocytes and intervertebral disc cells cultured in alginate-based microbead hydrogelsAbbah, S.A. ; Lu, W.W.; Peng, S.L.; Aladin, D.M.K.; Li, Z.Y.; Tam, W.K.; Cheung, K.M.C.; Luk, K.D.K.; Zhou, G.Q.
2005Extracellular matrix-dependent regulation of angiogenin expression in human placentaRajashekhar, G.; Loganath, A. ; Roy, A.C. ; Wong, Y.C.; Chong, S.S. 
Jul-2010Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and extracellular enzymes in aerobic granulesYu, G.-H.; He, P.-J.; Shao, L.-M.; Lee, D.-J.; Mujumdar, A.S. 
10-Jul-2020Extracellular vesicle Cystatin C and CD14 are associated with both renal dysfunction and heart failureVerbree-Willemsen, Laura; Zhang, Ya-nan ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Ooi, Shirley BS; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Mazlan, Muhammad ; Kuan, Win S ; Chan, Siew-Pang ; Peelen, Linda M; Grobbee, Diederick E; Richards, A Mark ; Lam, Carolyn SP ; de Kleijn, Dominique P 
2016Extracellular vesicle proteins associated with systemic vascular events correlate with heart failure: An observational study in a dyspnoea cohortZhang Y.-N.; Vernooij F.; Ibrahim I.; Ooi S.; Gijsberts C.M.; Schoneveld A.H.; Sen K.W.; Den Ruijter H.M.; Timmers L.; Richards A.M. ; Jong C.T.; Mazlan I.; Wang J.-W.; Lam C.S.P.; De Kleijn D.P.V.
21-Nov-2017Extracellular vesicle yield predictive pre-eclampsia biomarkersKok Hian Tan; Soon Sim Tan; Mor Jack Ng; Wan Shi Tey; Wei Kian Sim; JOHN ALLEN ; Sai Lim 
2015Extracellular vesicles are rapidly purified from human plasma by PRotein Organic Solvent PRecipitation (PROSPR)Gallart-Palau, X; Serra, A; Wong, A.S.W; Sandin, S; Lai, M.K.P ; Chen, C.P ; Kon, O.L; Sze, S.K
1-Jul-2019Extracellular Vesicles in Cardiovascular Diseases: Alternative Biomarker Sources, Therapeutic Agents, and Drug Delivery CarriersCHONG SUET YEN ; LEE CHOON KEONG ; Huang, Chenyuan; Ou, Yi Hsuan; CHARLES, CHRISTOPHER JOHN ; ARTHUR MARK RICHARDS ; Neupane, Yub Raj; Pavon, Maria Vazquez; ZHARKOVA, OLGA ; Pastorin,Giorgia ; WANG JIONGWEI 
2018Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in pediatric cardiac arrest: same principles, different practicesDomico MB; Kleinman ME; MacLaren G 
2018Extracorporeal life support for immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV patients with Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumoniaRamanathan K.; Svasti J.K.; MacLaren G 
2013Extracorporeal membrane oxygenationButt W.; MacLaren G 
2016Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation 2016: An updateMacLaren G ; Butt W.