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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Generalized stationary points and an interior-point method for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraintsLiu, X. ; Sun, J. 
2005Generalized surface interpolation for triangle meshes with feature retentionSu, Y.; Kumar, S.A. 
15-Dec-2000Generalized surface, pseudosurface, and high-frequency pseudosurface acoustic waves on (001), (110), and (111) InSbKuok, M.H. ; Ng, S.C. ; Zhang, V.L. ; Chua, S.J. 
2-Jun-1999Generalized symmetric interpolating waveletsZhuoer, S.; Kouri, D.J.; Wei, G.W. ; Huffman, D.K.
Feb-2012Generalized Taylor series expansion for free-form two-dimensional contour error compensationHuo, F.; Xi, X.-C.; Poo, A.-N. 
15-Jul-2006Generalized three-dimensional windowed Fourier transform for fringe analysisQian, K.; Fu, Y. ; Liu, Q.; Seah, H.S.; Asundi, A.
Jul-2007Generalized transport vortex methodZhao, J.; Chew, Y.T. ; Luo, S.C. ; Pan, L.S. ; Wu, J.K.
2011Generalized Trust and Trust in Institutions in Confucian AsiaTan, S.J. ; Tambyah, S.K. 
May-2011Generalized witten genus and vanishing theoremsChen, Q.; Han, F. ; Zhang, W.
2013Generalizing Tutte's theorem and maximal non-matchable graphsKu, C.Y. ; Wong, K.B.
2012Generalizing Wiberg algorithm for rigid and nonrigid factorizations with missing components and metric constraintsZheng, Y.; Sugimoto, S.; Yan, S. ; Okutomi, M.
2002Generating "cloud free" and "cloud-shadow free" mosaic for spot panchromatic imagesLi, M. ; Liew, S.C. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2017Generating 3D city models without elevation dataBiljecki F. ; Ledoux H.; Stoter J.
5-Feb-2010Generating a fractal butterfly floquet spectrum in a class of driven SU(2) systemsWang, J. ; Gong, J. 
18-Jun-2010Generating a fractal butterfly Floquet spectrum in a class of driven SU(2) systems: Eigenstate statisticsBandyopadhyay, J.N. ; Wang, J.; Gong, J. 
1992Generating a linear octree from voxel data for a connected objectShu, Renben ; Kankanhalli, Mohan S. 
2005Generating an ω-Tile set for texture synthesisNg, T.-Y.; Wen, C.; Tan, T.-S. ; Zhang, X.; Kim, Y.J.
2003Generating animatable 3D virtual faces from scan dataZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. 
1998Generating broadcast programs that support range queriesTan, K.-L. ; Yu, J.X.
2013Generating C# programs from CSP# modelsZhu, H.; Dong, J.S. ; Wadhwa, B. ; Lin, S.-W.