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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Experimental study of wave runup on steep curvilinear slopesAbdul Khader, M.H. ; Rai, S.P. ; Yong, D.M. 
Oct-2010Experimental study of wheel wear in electrolytic in-process dressing and grindingBiswas, I.; Senthil Kumar, A. ; Rahman, M. 
22-Jul-2006Experimental study of wideband hybrid dielectric resonator antenna on small ground planeGao, Y.; Popov, A.P. ; Ooi, B.L. ; Leong, M.S. 
2013Experimental study of woods under external heat flux by autoignition: Ignition time and mass loss rateShi, L.; Chew, M.Y.L. 
Jun-2010Experimental study on adsorption kinetics of activated carbon/R134a and activated carbon/R507A pairsHabib, K.; Saha, B.B.; Rahman, K.A.; Chakraborty, A. ; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. 
2006Experimental study on deflagration-to-detonation transition enhancement methods in a PDENew, T.H.; Panicker, P.K.; Chui, K.F.; Tsai, H.M. ; Lu, F.K.
Sep-1999Experimental study on dynamic compressive failure of unidirectional CFRP compositesYuan, J. ; Takeda, N.; Song, D.-Y.; Waas, A.M.
2001Experimental study on employing flexural wave measurement to characterize delamination in beamsIshak, S.I.; Liu, G.R. ; Lim, S.P. ; Shang, H.M. 
2009Experimental study on fire characteristics of PC monitors-part I: Combustion properties and pyrolysis characteristicsShi, L.; Chew, M. ; Xie, Q.; Zhang, R.; Li, L.; Xu, C.
2009Experimental study on fire characteristics of PC monitors-part II: Full-scale study under different ventilation conditionsShi, L.; Chew, M. ; Xie, Q.; Zhang, R.; Li, L.; Xu, C.
12-Jan-2007Experimental study on flow kinematics and sediment transport under orthogonal wave-current interactionM. PRADEEP CHAMINDA FERNANDO
Dec-2006Experimental study on frequency selective surface with gangbuster arrayQing, A. 
1997Experimental study on heated effluent discharge in a cross flowCheong, Hin-Fatt ; Shankar, N.Jothi ; Zhao, Zengxiang
2002Experimental study on laminar heat transfer in microchannel heat sinkLee, P.S. ; Ho, J.C. ; Xue, H.
Aug-2008Experimental study on measurement of intersection angles of frame connections between column and beam of concrete-filled steel tube using dicmSun, W. ; Xie, S.-H.; Liang, S.-T.; Yang, F.-J.; He, X.-Y.
Jun-2012Experimental study on micro modular combustor for micro-thermophotovoltaic system applicationYang, W.M. ; Jiang, D.Y.; Chou, S.K. ; Chua, K.J. ; Karthikeyan, K.; An, H.
2013Experimental study on partially internally cooled dehumidification in liquid desiccant air conditioning systemGao, W.Z.; Shi, Y.R.; Cheng, Y.P. ; Sun, W.Z.
Sep-2006Experimental study on performance improvement of a four-bed adsorption chiller by using heat and mass recoveryNg, K.C. ; Wang, X. ; Lim, Y.S.; Saha, B.B.; Chakarborty, A.; Koyama, S.; Akisawa, A.; Kashiwagi, T.
2001Experimental study on radiation characteristics of probe-fed suspended plate antennasChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
Nov-2003Experimental study on reciprocal prism (RP) grid for space structuresRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Lee, B.H.