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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-May-2007Distributed network control for establishing reliability-constrained least-cost lightpaths in WDM Mesh networksVijaya Saradhi, C.; Mohan, G. ; Zhou, L.
2003Distributed network control for establishing reliability-constrained least-cost lightpaths in WDM mesh networksSaradhi, C.V.; Zhou, L.; Gurusamy, M. ; Murthy, C.S.R.
2009Distributed online aggregationsWu, S. ; Jiang, S.; Ooi, B.C. ; Tan, K.L. 
9-Jun-2008Distributed Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Hierarchical Learning ApproachsYEOW WAI LEONG
2011Distributed power control for spectrum-sharing femtocell networks using Stackelberg gameKang, X. ; Liang, Y.-C.; Garg, H.K. 
2011Distributed privacy preserving data collectionXue, M.; Papadimitriou, P.; Raïssi, C.; Kalnis, P.; Pung, H.K. 
2007Distributed problem solving using evolutionary learning in multi-agent systemsSrinivasan, D. ; Choy, M.C.
2007Distributed processing of moving K-nearest-neighbor query on moving objectsWu, W.; Guo, W. ; Tan, K.-L. 
22-Jul-2010Distributed quantum computation with arbitrarily poor photon detectionMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J.
2001Distributed rapid prototyping - a framework for internet prototyping and manufacturingTay, F.E.H. ; Khanal, Y.P.; Kwong, K.K.; Tan, K.C.
Oct-2010Distributed reinforcement learning frameworks for cooperative retransmission in wireless networksNaddafzadeh-Shirazi, G.; Kong, P.-Y. ; Tham, C.-K. 
2013Distributed relational temporal difference learningLau, Q.P.; Lee, M.L. ; Hsu, W. 
2011Distributed resource management for concurrent execution of multimedia applications on MPSoC platformsShabbir, A.; Kumar, A. ; Mesman, B.; Corporaal, H.
2010Distributed route planning and scheduling via hybrid conflict resolutionThangarajoo, R. ; Lau, H.C.
15-Aug-2011Distributed SAT solving engineMAI DANG QUANG HUNG
1992Distributed scheduling of meetings: a case study in prototyping distributed applicationsBiswas, Jit ; Bhonsle, Shailendra ; Wee, Tan Chee ; Yong, Tay Sen ; Weiguo, Wang 
Nov-2006Distributed scheduling strategy for divisible loads on arbitrarily configured distributed networks using load balancing via virtual routingZeng, Z. ; Veeravalli, B. 
Jan-2014Distributed source localization under anchor position uncertaintyLiu, H. ; Wu, Y.