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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-1995Dynamic stability of a rod with an intermediate spring support subject to subtangential follower forcesLee, H.P. 
1997Dynamic stability of a rotating cantilever beam with in-plane base accelerationLee, H.P. 
Apr-1996Dynamic stability of a tapered cantilever beam on an elastic foundation subjected to a follower forceLee, H.P. 
1-Aug-1998Dynamic stability of cross-ply laminated composite cylindrical shellsNg, T.Y.; Lam, K.Y. ; Reddy, J.N. 
1-Aug-1999Dynamic stability of cylindrical panels with transverse shear effectsNg, T.Y.; Lam, K.Y. ; Reddy, J.N.
6-Nov-1997Dynamic stability of cylindrical shells subjected to conservative periodic axial loads using different shell theoriesLam, K.Y. ; Ng, T.Y. 
18-Jan-1996Dynamic stability of spinning beams of unsymmetrical cross-section with distinct end conditionsLee, H.P. 
1997Dynamic stability of spinning beams with an unsymmetrical cross-section and distinct boundary conditions subjected to time-dependent spin speedLee, H.P. ; Tan, T.H.; Leng, G.S.B. 
Sep-1994Dynamic stability of spinning pre-twisted beamsLee, H.P. 
Nov-1995Dynamic stability of spinning pre-twisted beams subject to axial pulsating loadsLee, H.P. 
23-Jan-1997Dynamic stability of spinning Timoshenko shafts with a time-dependent spin rateLee, H.P. ; Tan, T.H.; Leng, G.S.B. 
2007Dynamic stochastic programming for asset allocation problemSong, H. ; Huang, H.-C. 
23-Jan-2014Dynamic studies of Type I and Type II cadherins EC domainsWU FEI
23-Jan-2015Dynamic Study of Piezo Driven Arm in HDDLEE CHONG WEE
2007Dynamic subcarrier sharing algorithms for uplink OFDMA resource allocationDa, B. ; Ko, C.C. 
2013Dynamic synthesis of local time requirement for service compositionTan, T.H.; Andre, E.; Sun, J.; Liu, Y.; Dong, J.S. ; Chen, M.
1999Dynamic TDMA with priority-based request packet transmission scheme for integrated multimedia trafficsJeong, E.; Jacob, L. ; Maeng, S.
2012Dynamic tensile properties of magnesium nanocompositeGuo, Y.B. ; Shim, V.P.W. ; Tan, B.W.F.
2001Dynamic tensile response of a carbon fibre reinforced LCP composite and its temperature sensitivityShim, V.P.W. ; Yuan, J. ; Lim, C.T. 
Oct-2013Dynamic tensile response of magnesium nanocomposites and the effect of nanoparticlesChen, Y. ; Guo, Y.B. ; Gupta, M. ; Shim, V.P.W.