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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2001Cycloaddition reaction of furan with Si(100)-2×1Qiao, M.H.; Tao, F.; Cao, Y.; Li, Z.H.; Dai, W.L.; Deng, J.F.; Xu, G.Q. 
23-Mar-2006Cycloadditions on diamond (100) 2 × 1: Observation of lowered electron affinity due to hydrocarbon adsorptionOuyang, T.; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Loh, K.P. 
Oct-2005Cycloartane type triterpenoids from the rhizomes of Polygonum bistortaManoharan, K.P.; Benny, T.K.H.; Yang, D. 
24-Nov-2006Cyclodextrin functionalized mesoporous silica films on quartz crystal microbalance for enhanced gas sensingPalaniappan, Al.; Li, X.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Li, J.; Su, X.
2009Cyclodextrin Inclusion Polymers Forming HydrogelsLi, J. 
Nov-2010Cyclodextrin-based self-assembled supramolecular hydrogels and cationic polyrotaxanes for drug and gene delivery applicationsLi, J. 
10-Jun-2008Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular architectures: Syntheses, structures, and applications for drug and gene deliveryLi, J. ; Loh, X.J.
19-Apr-2013Cyclodextrin-functionalized graphene nanosheets, and their host-guest polymer nanohybridsXu, L.Q.; Yee, Y.K.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Fu, G.D.
Oct-2011Cyclodorippoid crabs from the Philippines collected by the PANGLAO 2004-2005 and AURORA 2007 expeditionsAhyong, S.T.; Ng, P.K.L. 
26-Sep-2005Cyclometalated-amine template promoted asymmetric synthesis of chiral phosphines and their metal complexesYEO WEE CHUAN
2005Cyclooxygenase 2 expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Immunohistochemical findings and potential implicationsTan, K.-B. ; Putti, T.C. 
2006Cyclooxygenase-1 inhibition shortens the duration of diazepam-induced loss of righting reflex in miceLiu, X.; Wong, P.T.-H.; Lee, T.L. 
2006Cyclooxygenase-1 inhibition shortens the duration of diazepam-induced loss of righting reflex in miceLiu, X.; Wong, P.T.-H. ; Lee, T.L. 
Jul-2005Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in Warthin's tumourLoy, A.H.C. ; Putti, T.C.; Tan, L.K.S. 
2004Cyclooxygenase-2 expression: A potential prognostic and predictive marker for high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ of the breastTan, K.-B. ; Putti, T.C. ; Yong, W.-P.
2008Cyclooxygenase-2 mediates the delayed cardioprotection induced by hydrogen sulfide preconditioning in isolated rat cardiomyocytesHu, L.-F. ; Pan, T.-T.; Neo, K.L.; Yong, Q.C.; Bian, J.-S. 
11-Jun-2007Cyclopalladation of the prochiral (di-tert-butyl)(diphenylmethyl)phosphine: Kinetic lability of the corresponding (+)-phosphapalladacyclic Pd-C bond and the reluctance of the phosphine to bind in a monodentate fashionNg, J.K.-P.; Chen, S.; Li, Y.; Tan, G.-K.; Koh, L.-L. ; Leung, P.-H.
26-Apr-2010Cyclopentadienyl molybdenum(II/VI) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes: Synthesis, structure, and reactivity under oxidative conditionsLi, S.; Kee, C.W.; Huang, K.-W.; Hor, T.S.A. ; Zhao, J. 
29-Apr-2005(Cyclopentadienyl)chromiumtricarbonyl dimers as a source of metal-centered free-radicals to form stable η2-bonded spin-adducts with fullerenesSokolov, V.I.; Gasanov, R.G.; Goh, L.Y. ; Weng, Z. ; Chistyakov, A.L.; Stankevich, I.V.