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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012Why payment card fees are biased against retailersWright, J. 
2007Why people pay for digital items? Presentation desire of online identityKim, H.-W. ; Chan, H.C. 
2010Why people stick to play social network site based entertainment applications: Design factors and flow theory perspectiveWu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Chang, K. ; Xu, Y. 
2009Why privatize or why not? Empirical evidence from China's SOEs reformTong, S.Y. 
2013Why rare targets are slow: Evidence that the target probability effect has an attentional locusHon, N. ; Tan, C.-H.
Nov-2013Why Robots? A Survey on the Roles and Benefits of Social Robots in the Therapy of Children with AutismCabibihan, J.-J. ; Javed, H.; Ang Jr., M. ; Aljunied, S.M.
1-Aug-2009Why saturated probability spaces are necessaryKeisler, H.J.; Sun, Y. 
May-2011Why scholars of minority rights in Asia should recognize the limits of Western modelsMiller, M.A. 
2012Why should the Littlewood-Richardson rule be true?Howe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
May-2001Why Singapore's land transportation energy consumption is relatively lowAng, B.W ; Tan, K.C 
16-Apr-2018Why so punitive? A study on political economy and punishment in SingaporeMELISSA POH WEI LE
29-Jan-2019Why some children from poor families do well ? An in-depth analysis of positive deviance cases in SingaporeEsther Goh 
2012Why some people discount more than others: Baseline activation in the dorsal PFC mediates the link between COMT genotype and impatient choiceGianotti, L.R.R.; Figner, B.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Knoch, D.
Oct-2011Why study Chinese classics and how to go about it: Response to Zongjie Wu's 'Interpretation, autonomy, and transformation: Chinese pedagogic discourse in cross-cultural perspective'Tan, S.-H. 
Apr-2008Why study gene-environment interactions?Ordovas, J.M.; Tai, E.S. 
2009Why the body matters: Uses and abuses of the human body in modern medicineCampbell, A.V. 
2006Why Ti=4Td for PID controller tuningTang, W. ; Wang, Q.-G. ; Lu, X.; Zhang, Z.
26-Sep-2017Why Users Share Marketer-generated Contents on Social Broadcasting Websites: A Cognitive?Affective Involvement PerspectiveYuhao Li; Lih-Bin Oh ; Kanliang Wang
1998Why You Talk Like That?: The Pragmatics of a Why Construction in Singapore EnglishAlsagoff, L. ; Bao, Z. ; Wee, L. 
2009Wi-Sh: A simple, robust credit based Wi-Fi community networkAi, X.; Srinivasan, V.; Tham, C.-K.