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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2003Wireless Propagation in Non Line of Sight Urban Areas using Uniform Theory of DiffractionEllis, G.A. 
Mar-2011Wireless sensing of human respiratory parameters by low-power ultrawideband impulse radio radarLai, J.C.Y.; Xu, Y.; Gunawan, E.; Chua, E.C.-P. ; Maskooki, A.; Guan, Y.L.; Low, K.-S.; Soh, C.B.; Poh, C.-L.
2004Wireless sensor network for machine condition based maintenanceTiwari, A.; Lewis, F.L.; Ge, S.S. 
2013Wireless wearable ECG sensor design based on level-crossing sampling and linear interpolationHong, Y.; Xie, Z.; Lian, Y. 
13-Nov-2017Wires Overhead: Virginia Woolf’s “The Narrow Bridge of Art,” The Waves and an Aesthetics of TelecomunicabilityShawn Lim You Hao
May-2007Wiring the nervous system: From form to functionMatsuzaki, F.; Sampath, K. 
1-Dec-2014Withdrawing Treatment from Incompetent Patients in Italy: The Case of Eluana EnglaroDenard Veshi
2015Withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments in intensive care Units in AsiaPhua, J. ; Joynt, G.M.; Nishimura, M.; Deng, Y.; Myatra, S.N.; Chan, Y.H. ; Binh, N.G.; Tan, C.C.; Faruq, M.O.; Arabi, Y.M.; Wahjuprajitno, B.; Liu, S.-F.; Hashemian, S.M.R.; Kashif, W.; Staworn, D.; Palo, J.E.; Koh, Y.
16-Mar-2018Within or Between Jobs? Determinants of Membership Volatility in the European Parliament, 1979-2014William Daniel; Shawna K. Metzger 
2008Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performanceDelios, A. ; Xu, D.; Beamish, P.W.
May-2008Within-group differences in captive Diana monkey (Cercopithecus diana diana) behaviourTodd, P.A. ; Macdonald, C.; Coleman, D.
8-Feb-2018Within-individual physiology constrains carnivorous investment in the rainbow plant Byblis guehoi more than does environmental light intensityWeng Ngai Lam; Abel Goh; Nicholas Kee; Gwyn Ng; Chang Han Sia; Hugh Tan 
21-Mar-2017Without Blinders: Public Values Scholarship in Political Science, Economics, and Law—Content and Contribution to Public AdministrationGjalt De Graaf; Zeger Van der Wal 
20-Mar-2019Witness to the Thousand-Yard Stare: Civilian Imagination of Service Members' Mental Injuries in WartimeWalter Wade 
5-Jan-2010Witnessing entanglement in phase space using inefficient detectorsLee, S.-W.; Jeong, H.; Jaksch, D. 
20-Aug-2007Witnessing macroscopic entanglement in a staggered magnetic fieldHide, J.; Son, W.; Lawrie, I.; Vedral, V. 
23-May-2013Witnessing the quantumness of a single system: From anticommutators to interference and discordFazio, R.; Modi, K. ; Pascazio, S.; Vedral, V. ; Yuasa, K.
25-Mar-2013Witnessing trustworthy single-photon entanglement with local homodyne measurementsMorin, O.; Bancal, J.-D.; Ho, M. ; Sekatski, P.; D'Auria, V.; Gisin, N.; Laurat, J.; Sangouard, N.