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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The 16th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party: Institutionalization of Succession PoliticsZheng, Y. 
Apr-1992The 17-residue transmembrane domain of β-galactoside α2,6-sialyltransferase is sufficient for golgi retentionWong, S.H. ; Low, S.H. ; Hong, W. 
Mar-2013The 1857 panic and the fabrication of an Indian 'menace' in SingaporeRai, R. 
11-Aug-2011The 1871 Kaihorei: Discourse, Outcastes and the Politics of Making Modern JapanNGUYEN HA NGUYEN
1999The 1905 Anti-American Boycott in China: A Study of Different PerspectivesWong, Sin Kiong 
29-Jan-2013The 1950s Striptease Debates in Singapore: Getai and the Politics of CultureHO HUI LIN
1984The 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea and continental shelf problems in Southeast AsiaYong, Leng Lee 
1990The 1989 and 1990 elections in JapanLesbirel, S.H. 
2008The 1994 tax reform and its impact on China's rural fiscal structureChen, A. 
1997The 1995 Malaysian general election: Reaffirmation of Barisan Nasional dominanceSingh, H. 
2005The 1997/98 economic crisis in southeast Asia: Policy responses and the role of the IMFDaquila, T.C. 
Jul-2012The 1D4 antibody labels outer segments of long double cone but not rod photoreceptors in zebrafishYin, J. ; Brocher, J. ; Linder, B.; Hirmer, A.; Sundaramurthi, H.; Fischer, U.; Winkler, C. 
2009The 2-interval pattern matching problems and its application to ncRNA scanningWong, T.K.F.; YiuT, S.M.; Lam, W.; Sung, W.-K. 
25-Jul-2006The 2.7-Å crystal structure of a 194-kDa homodimeric fragment of the 6-deoxyerythronolide B synthaseTang, Y.; Kim, C.-Y. ; Mathews, I.I.; Cane, D.E.; Khosla, C.
2006The 2006 IEEE workshop: "Beyond patches"Lucey S.; Chen T. 
2007The 2006 NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon: A field reportLapp H.; Bala S.; Balhoff J.P.; Bouck A.; Goto N.; Holder M.; Holland R.; Holloway A.; Katayama T.; Lewis P.O.; Mackey A.J.; Osborne B.I.; Piel W.H. ; Pond S.L.K.; Poon A.F.Y.; Qiu W.-G.; Stajich J.E.; Stoltzfus A.; Thierer T.; Vilella A.J.; Vos R.A.; Zmasek C.M.; Zwickl D.J.; Vision T.J.
Sep-2010The 2006 pyroclastic deposits of Merapi Volcano, Java, Indonesia: High-spatial resolution IKONOS images and complementary ground based observationsThouret, J.-C.; Gupta, A. ; Lube, G.; Liew, S.C. ; Cronin, S.J.; Surono
Jul-2010The 2007 dengue outbreak in SingaporeOoi, E.E.; Wilder-Smith, A.; Ng, L.C.; Gubler, D.J. 
2014The 2012 dengue outbreak in Madeira: Exploring the originsWilder-Smith, A. ; Quam, M.; Sessions, O. ; Rocklov, J.; Liu-Helmersson, J.; Franco, L.; Khan, K.