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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2016Behavior perception-based disruption models for berth allocation and quay crane assignment problemsLiu, Changchun ; Zheng, Li; Zhang, Canrong
1-Jan-2018Minimising tardiness in hybrid two-stage batch scheduling problem in cyber-physical systemsLiu, Changchun ; Wang, Qiang; Xiang, Xi; Zheng, Li
14-Aug-2019Minimizing the maximum flow time for flexible job shop problem with parallel machinesXiang, Nengjie; LIU CHANGCHUN 
1-Jul-2016Minimizing the total completion time for parallel machine scheduling with job splitting and learningWang, Chenjie; Liu, Changchun ; Zhang, Zhi-hai; Zheng, Li
1-Dec-2018Reactive strategy for discrete berth allocation and quay crane assignment problems under uncertaintyXiang, Xi; Liu, Changchun ; Miao, Lixin
Jul-2017Research on Coordination Mechanism and Low-Carbon Technology Strategy for Agricultural Product Supply ChainChangchun, Liu 
1-Feb-2018Scheduling with job-splitting considering learning and the vital-few lawLiu, Changchun ; Wang, Chenjie; Zhang, Zhi-hai; Zheng, Li
1-Jan-2018Storage assignment and order batching problem in Kiva mobile fulfilment systemXiang, Xi; Liu, Changchun ; Miao, Lixin
2020Study on Edge-Cloud Collaborative Production Scheduling Based on Enterprises with Multi-FactoryMa, Jing; Zhou, Hua; Liu, Changchun ; E. Mingcheng; Jiang, Zengqiang; Wang, Qiang
1-Dec-2017Two decision models for berth allocation problem under uncertainty considering service levelLiu, Changchun ; Xiang, Xi; Zheng, Li