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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1998Target-arousal as a mediator of the impact of affect on service satisfactionTan, Rachel Lu Pheng; Wirtz, Jochen ; Mattila, Anna 
21-Dec-2006Temporal distance and choice reversal: A regulatory focus perspectiveFANG FENGXIA
2011Testing to prevent bad translation: Brand name conversions in Chinese-English contextsKum, D.; Lee, Y.H. ; Qiu, C.
2009The "name-Ease" effect and its dual impact on importance judgmentsLabroo, A.A.; Lambotte, S.; Zhang, Y. 
2007The ad creativity cube: conceptualization and initial validationAng, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
2003The Differential Interaction of Auditory and Visual Advertising Elements with Chinese and EnglishTavassoli, N.T.; Lee, Y.H. 
1-Sep-2004The dimensions and forms of consumer-brand relationship: Conceptualization and empirical validationGOH SOH YIN, INGE
2007The duration heuristicYeung, C.W.M. ; Soman, D.
2004The effect of attribute order on judgment in Chinese and EnglishTavassoli, N.T.; Lee, Y.H. 
1997The effect of cultural adaptation on perceived trustworthinessPornpitakpan, C. 
Nov-2010The effect of intermediate rewards on the effectiveness of incentive programsLi, Xiuping ; Soman, Dilip
2007The effect of meal pace on customer satisfactionNoone, B.M.; Kimes, S.E.; Mattila, A.S.; Wirtz, J. 
2009The effect of option number in directional comparisonHung, Y.-C.; Yeung, C. 
2012The Effect of Perceived Control on Consumer Responses to Service Encounter Pace: A Revenue Management PerspectiveNoone, B.M.; Wirtz, J. ; Kimes, S.E.
Dec-2013The effect of physical possession on preference for product warrantyChark, R. ; Muthukrishnan, A.V.
2008The effects of appetitive stimuli on out-of-domain consumption impatienceLi, X. 
Apr-2002The effects of consumer expertise of evoked set size and service loyaltyWirtz, Jochen ; Mattila, Anna S. ; Teo, Swee Cheok
2002The effects of incentives, deal proneness, satisfaction and tie strength on word-of-mouth behaviourWirtz, J. ; Chew, P.
2000The effects of personal value similarity on business negotiationsAng, S.H. ; Leong, S.M.; Teo, G.P.S.