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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Predicting the principles of marketing strategy: Cross-border and expertise effectsLeong, S.M. 
2006Price competition with reduced consumer switching costs: The case of "wireless number portability" in the cellular phone industryShi, M.; Chiang, J. ; Rhee, B.-D.
2003Price uncertainty and consumer search: A structural model of consideration set formationMehta, N.; Rajiv, S. ; Srinivasan, K.
2009Processing idioms in advertising discourse: Effects of familiarity, literality, and compositionality on consumer ad responseLim, E.A.C.; Ang, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
2002Product development strategies for established market pioneers, early followers, and late entrantsRobinson, W.T.; Chiang, J. 
Feb-1996Propositions on how to reduce halo effects in attribute-specific customer satisfaction measuresWirtz, Jochen 
1998Psychometric properties of the composite scale of morningness: A shortened versionPornpitakpan, C. 
Feb-2012Quantifying nation equity with sales data : a structural approachJunhong Chu 
2013Quantifying nation equity with sales data: A structural approachChu, J. 
2009Quantifying the economic value of warranties in the U.S. server marketChu, J. ; Chintagunta, P.K.
2012Quantifying transaction costs in online/off-line grocery channel choiceChintagunta, P.K.; Chu, J. ; Cebollada, J.
Dec-1999Recent advances in understanding and managing consumer word-of-mouthChew, Patricia ; Wirtz, Jochen 
Apr-1996Reducing halo in satisfaction measures of service attributesWirtz, Jochen ; Loh, Kah Lan
Apr-1999Regional initiatives for electronic commerce : a policy perspectiveLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May O. 
2009Regulatory focus theory, trust, and privacy concernWirtz, J. ; Lwin, M.O.
1997Relationship concept and customer services: A case study of corporate bankingMehta, S.C. ; Tambe, H.
Aug-1996Relationship ties and cultural values as moderators of relationship quality in services sellingShamdasani, Prem N. ; Ong, Corrine Shiow Ling
1998Relationships between SERVQUAL dimensions and organizational performance in the case of a business-to-business serviceMehta, S.C. ; Durvasula, S.
2011Relaxation increases monetary valuationsPham, M.T.; Hung, I.W. ; Gorn, G.J.