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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A typology of animosity and its cross-national validationJung, K. ; Ang, S.H. ; Leong, S.M. ; Tan, S.J. ; Pornpitakpan, C. ; Kau, A.K. 
2006Absorptive capacity in high-technology markets: The competitive advantage of the havesNarasimhan, O.; Rajiv, S. ; Dutta, S.
Feb-1999Accents as a factor in advertising effectiveness in broadcast media : the case of SingaporeLwin, May ; Lalwani, Ashok Kumar; Kuah, Leng Li
2000Additional validity of the Basic Language Morningness (BALM) scalePornpitakpan, C. 
May-2013Advance selling in the presence of speculators and forward-looking consumersLim, W.S. ; Tang, C.S.
May-1999Advanced sale of service capacities : impact of price sensitivity to supply on optimal pricing and capacity allocationsLee, Khai Sheang ; Ng, Irene C. L.
Jun-1999Advertising laws and regulations in SingaporeLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May 
2004Affect, appraisal, and consumer judgmentYeung, C.W.M. ; Wyer Jr., R.S.
2011Affect-GatingKing, D. ; Janiszewski, C.
2006An auction model arising from an Internet search service providerLim, W.S. ; Tang, C.S.
2010An Empirical Analysis of Shopping Behavior Across Online and Offline Channels for Grocery Products: The Moderating Effects of Household and Product CharacteristicsChu, J. ; Arce-Urriza, M.; Cebollada-Calvo, J.-J.; Chintagunta, P.K.
Nov-1998An empirical examination of the influence of materialistic inclination on values, aspirations & life satisfactionKau, Ah Keng 
Oct-1999An empirical study on Internet-based business-to-business ecommerce in SingaporeWirtz, Jochen ; Wong, Poh Kam 
2011An empirical test of warranty theories in the server and automobile marketsChu, J. ; Chintagunta, P.K.
2000An examination of the presence, magnitude and impact of halo on consumer satisfaction measuresWirtz, J. 
1995An experimental investigation of halo effects in satisfaction measures of service attributesWirtz, J. ; Bateson, J.E.G.
May-1998An exploratory empirical study on how pricing and inventory decisions are made in a simulated business environmentSubrahmanyan, Saroja 
1996An exploratory study of factors affecting the failure of local small and medium enterprisesTheng, L.G. ; Boon, J.L.W.
1995An exploratory study of in-home shoppers in a concentrated retail market. The case of SingaporeShamdasani, P.N. ; Ong Geok Yeow
Feb-1999An integrative frame work of preemption strategiesLee, Khai Sheang ; Ng, Irene C. L.