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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Models of thinking, learning, and teaching in gamesCamerer, C.; Teck, H.; Chong, K. 
2000Modernity and the Singaporean adolescentLeong, S.M. 
2008Mood and comparative judgment: Does mood influence everything and finally nothing?Qiu, C.; Yeung, C.W.M. 
1995Net present value techniques and their effects on new product researchHaley, G.T. ; Goldberg, S.M.
2010Opportunistic customer claiming during service recoveryWirtz, J. ; McColl-Kennedy, J.R.
2006Optimal dynamic advertising policy for new productsKrishnan, T.V. ; Jain, D.C.
2006Optimal product rollover strategiesLim, W.S. ; Tang, C.S.
2011Optimizing referral reward programs under impression management considerationsXiao, P. ; Tang, C.S.; Wirtz, J. 
2000Out of the mouths of babes: Business ethics and youths in AsiaAng, S.H. ; Leong, S.M.
2010Outsourcing suppliers as downstream competitors: Biting the hand that feedsLim, W.S. ; Tan, S.J. 
Sep-1998Overcoming the hybrid brand woes of bi-national productsTan, Soo Jiuan ; Lee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua 
2009Overselling in a competitive environment: Boon or bane?Lim, W.S. 
2002Partitioned Pricing in Advertising: Effects on Brand and Retailer AttitudesLee, Y.H. ; Han, C.Y.
May-1987Patterns of work goal importance: A comparison of Singapore and Taiwanese managersHsu, P.S.C. 
2002Perceived fairness of demand-based pricing for restaurantsKimes, S.E.; Wirtz, J. 
2009Perceived service encounter pace and customer satisfaction: An empirical study of restaurant experiencesNoone, B.M.; Kimes, S.E.; Mattila, A.S.; Wirtz, J. 
2000Perceptions and attitudes of singaporeans toward genetically modified foodSubrahmanyan, S. ; Cheng, P.S. 
Nov-1999Perceptions and attitudes of Singaporeans towards genetically modified foodSubrahmanyan, Saroja ; Cheng, Peng Sim 
1997Personal values and complaint behaviour: The case of Singapore consumersKeng, K.A. ; Liu, S.