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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1992Factors affecting the structure of buying centers for the purchase of professional business advisory servicesDawes, P.L. ; Dowling, G.R.; Patterson, P.G.
2003Family business succession: Appropriation risk and choice of successorLee, K.S. ; Lim, G.H. ; Lim, W.S. 
Oct-1999Family businesses : the succession dilemmaLee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua ; Tan Soo Jiuan 
29-May-2007Fighting your feelings: The impact of emotion regulation on consumer judgment and choiceQIU CHENG
May-2013Firms' Intentions to Use Nonownership ServicesWittkowski, K.; Moeller, S.; Wirtz, J. 
Apr-1998From entrepot to NIC - economic and structural policy aspects of Singapore's developmentMenkhoff, Thomas ; Wirtz, Jochen 
2011From firm muscles to firm willpower: Understanding the role of embodied cognition in self-regulationHung, I.W. ; Labroo, A.A.
2012From physical weight to psychological significance: The contribution of semantic activationsZhang, M.; Li, X. 
2003Gatekeeping in organizational purchasing: An empirical investigationLau, G.T. ; Razzaque, M.A.; Ong, A.
2011Generalized Trust and Trust in Institutions in Confucian AsiaTan, S.J. ; Tambyah, S.K. 
Sep-1998Gray marketing as a low cost market penetration strategy for entrepreneurs: conceptual model and case examplesLim, Guan Hua ; Lee, Khai Sheang ; Tan, Soo Jiuan 
2001Gray marketing as an alternative market penetration strategy for entrepreneurs: Conceptual model and case evidenceLim, G.H. ; Lee, K.S. ; Tan, S.J. 
Nov-1999Growth of the service sector in AsiaWirtz, Jochen 
Dec-1996Halo in consumer satisfaction : an experimental study of the presence, magnitude and impact of haloWirtz, Jochen ; Kwok, David Peng Kwan
2003Halo in customer satisfaction measures: The role of purpose of rating, number of attributes and customer involvementWirtz, J. 
Jul-2002Halo in satisfaction measures : the role of purpose of rating, number of attributes, and customer involvementWirtz, Jochen 
2008Hedonic vs. utilitarian consumption: A cross-cultural perspective based on cultural conditioningLim, E.A.C.; Ang, S.H. 
Dec-1999How are they performing? : a comparative study of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan investment in ChinaGu, Yanmin 
2007How effective are loyalty reward programs in driving share of wallet?Wirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.S.; Lwin, M.O.