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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2007Essays on B2B services marketFENG SHANFEI
Sep-2008Estimating the effects of direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs : a natural experimentRajiv, Surendra ; Mukherji, Prokriti; Dutta, Shantanu
1996Estimating the long-term effects of advertising on sales: A co-integration perspectiveLeong, S.M. ; Ouliaris, S. ; Franke, G.R.
2004Evolutionary estimation of macro-level diffusion models using genetic algorithms: An alternative to nonlinear least squaresVenkatesan, R.; Krishnan, T.V. ; Kumar, V.
2012Exaggerated, mispredicted, and misplaced: When "it's the thought that counts" in gift exchangesZhang, Y. ; Epley, N.
Jul-1998Examining the strategic role of unused service capacity - a theory-in-use approachNg, Irene C. L.; Wirtz, Jochen ; Lee, Khai Sheang 
Jul-2000Examining the use of fine print messages in advertisingLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May O. ; Yu, Guat Hwa
2000Exploring the dimensions of ad creativityAng, S.H. ; Low, S.Y.M.
1994Exploring the organizational commitment- Performance linkage in marketing: A study of life insurance salespeopleLeong, S.M. ; Randall, D.M.; Cote, J.A.
2001Exploring the Role of Alternative Perceived Performance Measures and Needs-Congruency in the Consumer Satisfaction ProcessWirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.
Aug-1992Factors affecting the structure of buying centers for the purchase of professional business advisory servicesDawes, P.L. ; Dowling, G.R.; Patterson, P.G.
2003Family business succession: Appropriation risk and choice of successorLee, K.S. ; Lim, G.H. ; Lim, W.S. 
Oct-1999Family businesses : the succession dilemmaLee, Khai Sheang ; Lim, Guan Hua ; Tan Soo Jiuan 
29-May-2007Fighting your feelings: The impact of emotion regulation on consumer judgment and choiceQIU CHENG
May-2013Firms' Intentions to Use Nonownership ServicesWittkowski, K.; Moeller, S.; Wirtz, J. 
Apr-1998From entrepot to NIC - economic and structural policy aspects of Singapore's developmentMenkhoff, Thomas ; Wirtz, Jochen 
2011From firm muscles to firm willpower: Understanding the role of embodied cognition in self-regulationHung, I.W. ; Labroo, A.A.
2012From physical weight to psychological significance: The contribution of semantic activationsZhang, M.; Li, X.