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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jan-2005Patient-specific finite element modeling of the human lumbar motion segmentBIAN LI MING
5-Jun-2007Pnipaam Modified PCL Matrix for in Vitro Cell Culture StudyLUO XUAN
1-Aug-2009Quantitative Characterization of cancer microenvironmentANJU MYTHREYI RAJA
4-Nov-2008Second harmonic generation microscopy with tightly focused linearly and radially polarized beamsYEW YAN SENG, ELIJAH
18-Nov-2006Study of circadian mental fatigue by fMRIZHOU WEI
18-Aug-2006Study the Anticancer Activity of Bioactive Peptide Cecropins A Class of Bioactive peptides, Using Electrophysiological MethodsZHAO LIPING
7-Jan-2009Synthesis and characterization of Collagen-terpolymer fibers for applications in tissue engineeringYOW SOH ZEOM
18-May-2007Target quantitative detection and discrimination study by quenching probes, molecular beacons and quenching beaconsRONG YAN
19-Oct-2006The evaluation of bioactive polycaprolactone scaffolds as protein delivery systems for bone engineering applicationsBINA RAI
21-Jan-2009The use of gold nanostructures in the imaging and therapy of cancerKAH CHEN YONG, JAMES
6-Feb-2006The utilization of biodegradable materials for the delivery of bioactive molecules that promote CNS regenerationTAN YEN MEI, ELAINE
26-Sep-2007Tissue Engineering Approaches to the Repair & Regeneration of Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Study of Silk as a Potential BiomaterialWANG YUE
28-Jun-2009Tissue engineering of an osteochondral transplant by using a cell/scaffold constructHO SAEY TUAN