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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2010Mathematical modelling of a suspension culture microenvironmentASHRAY RAMACHANDRAN
11-Nov-2005Mechanical probing of malaria-infected erythrocytesQIE LAN
31-Jul-2009Microfluidic study of plasticity in pancreatic beta-cell heterogeneityTAN CHERNG-WEN, DARREN
20-Aug-2009Microgel iron oxide nanoparticles for tracking of stem cells through magnetic resonance imagingLEE SHOO MING
27-Dec-2008Modeling chemotaxis in bacterial populationsVINAYAK DORAISWAMY
13-Dec-2010Molecular and computational approaches to understanding Keloid scarringOOI NICK SERN, BRANDON
25-Aug-2009Multi-Scale Modelling of Gastric ElectrophysiologyALBERTO CORRIAS
28-Feb-2007Multifuctional peptides as biocompatible non-viral vectors for gene deliveryLO SEONG LOONG
29-May-2006Nano mechanical characterisation of a single electrospun nanofiberNG SIN YEE
13-Apr-2005Nanoencapsulation of quantum dot nanoparticles in biological labelingHUANG NING
13-Jul-2009Nanofiber covered stent for vascular diseasesDONG YIXIANG
2-Nov-2006Nanofibrous Surface Modification of Ultra-Thin PCL Membrane for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering ApplicationCHEN FENGHAO
29-Mar-2007Nanoparticle Formulations of Diagnostic Agents for Medical ImagingWANG YAN
6-Mar-2006Nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers for delivery of diagnostic/therapeutic agents: Their potential application in brain cancer therapyYU QIANRU
23-Nov-2005Nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers for delivery of therapeutic agents and diagnostic sensitizers to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) for chemotherapy and MRI of the brainCHEN LIRONG
2-Jun-2005Nonviral gene delivery: Using polymer and peptide to develop safe and cell-specific gene vectorsLUO SZE E, ELIZABETH
26-May-2009Optical coherence microscopy and focal modulation microscopy for Real-time Deep Tissue imagingLIU LINBO
4-Jul-2007Overcoming Mass Transfer Barriers in Sandwich Configuration for Primary Hepatocytes CultureHAN RONGBIN
27-Jan-2005Patient-specific finite element modeling of the human lumbar motion segmentBIAN LI MING
5-Jun-2007Pnipaam Modified PCL Matrix for in Vitro Cell Culture StudyLUO XUAN