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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Early life environmental and pharmacological stressors result in persistent dysregulations of the serotonergic systemWong P. ; Sze Y. ; Grayn L.J.; Roei Chang C.C. ; Cai S. ; Zhang X. 
1986Economical modification of a radioimmunoassay of digoxin with negligible interference from cord and neonatal seraLee, H.S. ; Yeoh, T.S.; Lee, A.S.
1989EEG in anaesthetized ratsSim, M.K. ; Chua, M.E.
1992Effect of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) and its toxic metabolites on the physicochemical property of the liposomal membrane in relation to their cytochrome P-450 inhibitionDas, N.P. ; Shahi, G.S.; Moochhala, S.M. ; Sato, T.; Sunamoto, J.
2006Effect of a nitric oxide releasing derivative of paracetamol in a rat model of endotoxaemiaMarshall, M.; Keeble, J.; Moore, P.K. 
4-Nov-2004Effect of des-aspartate-angiotensin I on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats and on release of prostanoids by human umbilical vein endothelial cellsWEN QIANG
2005Effect of des-aspartate-angiotensin I on the actions of angiotensin II in the isolated renal and mesenteric vasculature of hypertensive and STZ-induced diabetic ratsDharmani, M.; Mustafa, M.R.; Achike, F.I.; Sim, M.K. 
2009Effect of dietary purines on the pharmacokinetics of orally administered ribavirinLi, L. ; Koo, S.H. ; Limenta, L.M.G.; Han, L.; Lee, E.J.D. ; Hashim, K.B.; Quek, H.H.
1992Effect of experimentally-induced hypertension on angiotensin converting enzyme activity in the aortic endothelium and smooth muscle cum adventitia of the Sprague Dawley ratSim, M.K. ; Chan, C.S.
2010Effect of hydrogen sulfide on intracellular calcium homeostasis in neuronal cellsYong, Q.C.; Choo, C.H.; Tan, B.H.; Low, C.-M. ; Bian, J.-S. 
2009Effect of hydrogen sulfide on the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-protein kinase B pathway and on caerulein-induced cytokine production in isolated mouse pancreatic acinar cellsTamizhselvi, R. ; Sun, J. ; Koh, Y.-H.; Bhatia, M. 
1993Effect of ketanserin on phenylephrine-induced bradycardia in Sprague-Dawley ratsBalasubramaniam, G.; Lee, H.S. ; Mah, S.C.
2007Effect of mitogen-activated protein kinases on chemokine synthesis induced by substance P in mouse pancreatic acinar cellsRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Adhikari, S. ; Bhatia, M. 
18-Aug-2009Effect of neuroinflammation on cognition and potential mechanisms involvedWONG FONG KUAN
12-Jan-2004Effect of nitric oxide releasing paracetamol and flurbiprofen on cytokine production in human bloodMarshall, M.; Moore, P.K. 
1997Effect of oral feeding of essence of chicken on the level of 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid of the ratXu, C.L.; Sim, M.K. 
1994Effect of pentobarbital and chlordiazepoxide on the central pressor action of angiotensins in normo- and hypertensive ratsSim, M.K. ; Radhakrishnan, R.
2007Effect of S-diclofenac, a novel hydrogen sulfide releasing derivative, on carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema formation in the ratSidhapuriwala, J. ; Li, L. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Sparatore, A.
2009Effective cryopreservation of neural stem or progenitor cells without serum or proteins by vitrificationKuleshova, L.L. ; Magalhaes, R.; Gouk, S.S. ; Lee, K.H. ; Tan, F.C.K. ; Dawe, G.S. 
2009Effective cryopreservation of neural stem or progenitor cells without serum or proteins by vitrificationKuleshova, L.L. ; Magalhaes, R.; Gouk, S.S. ; Lee, K.H. ; Tan, F.C.K.; Dawe, G.S.