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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2013Calibration of stochastic computer modelsYUAN JUN
2013Calibration of stochastic computer models using stochastic approximation methodsYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Tsui, K.L.
Nov-1992Calibration strategy for urban catchment parametersIbrahim, Yaacob ; Liong, Shie-Yui 
May-2011Capability reconfiguration of incumbent firms: Nintendo in the video game industrySubramanian, A.M. ; Chai, K.-H. ; Mu, S.
Nov-2012Case study analysis of Six Sigma implementation in service organisationsChakraborty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
2008Case study analysis of six Sigma in Singapore service organizationsChakrabarty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
1992Catchment parameters estimation using probabilistic techniquesIbrahim, Y. ; Liong, S.Y. 
1992Catchment parameters estimation using probabilistic techniquesIbrahim, Y. ; Liong, S.Y. 
Dec-2006Chain sampling scheme under constant inspection errorsYinfeng, G.; Loon, C.T. 
2004Challenges faced in Adopting a supplier performance measurement framework to support the NPD processPassey, S.J.; Nagarajan, R.P.; Nagappan, G.; Chai, K.H. ; Brombacher, A.C.
2008Channel coordination with manufacturer's revenue sharing contractAfzali, M.K.; Leng, P.K. 
1999Character recognition using statistical momentsChim, Y.C.; Kassim, A.A. ; Ibrahim, Y. 
Jun-1996Characteristics of truck traffic in SingaporeFwa, T.F. ; Ang, B.W. ; Goh, T.N. 
Dec-2012Circle chart for monitoring of periodic measurementsXie, M. ; Goh, T.N. ; Deng, P.P.
Sep-2007Classifying weak, and strong components using ROC analysis with application to burn-inWu, S.; Xie, M. 
2012Closed-form sampling laws for stochastically constrained simulation optimization on large finite setsPujowidianto, N.A.; Pasupathy, R.; Hunter, S.R.; Lee, L.H. ; Chen, C.-H.
Jul-2010Collaborative fixture design and analysis using service oriented architectureFan, L. ; Jagdish, B.N. ; Kumar, A.S. ; Anbuselvan, S. ; Bok, S.-H. 
2012Combinatorial reliability analysis of warm-standby systems with imperfect fault coverageTannous, O.; Xing, L.; Peng, R.; Xie, M. 
2015Combustion behavior and kinetics of low-lipid microalgae via thermogravimetric analysisGai, Chao; Liu, Zhengang; Han, Guanghua ; Peng, Nana; Fan, Aonan
May-2011Comparative studies of multi-criteria decision making with application to condition monitoring of a ship turbineGaonkar, R.S.P. ; Xie, M. ; Habibullah, M.S.; Verma, A.K.