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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Balancing the quality and price of service - A case studyCao, C.L.; Goh, T.N. 
2011Bayesian calibration of stochastic computer modelsYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
Aug-2012Bayesian kriging analysis and design for stochastic simulationsNg, S.H. ; Yin, J.
2005Bayesian meta-analyses of the tolerability of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants for treating patients with depressionPang, C.S.; Leng, P.K. 
2005Bayesian networks modeling for software inspection effectivenessWu, Y.P.; Hu, Q.P.; Poh, K.L. ; Ng, S.H. ; Xie, M. 
20-Nov-2008Bayesian probability encoding in medical decision analysisCHAN SIEW PANG
5-May-2007Benchmarking competitiveness of cargo airportsXU YUN JING
2003Benchmarking of a stochastic production planning model in a simulation testbedRiaño, G.; Serfozo, R.; Hackman, S.; Ng, S.H. ; Chan, L.P.; Lendermann, P.
Jan-2014Bi-objective burn-in modeling and optimizationYe, Z.-S.; Tang, L.-C. ; Xie, M. 
Aug-2006Bias correction for the least squares estimator of Weibull shape parameter with complete and censored dataZhang, L.F.; Xie, M. ; Tang, L.C. 
2010Bibliometric analysis of service science research: An assessment of institutional and individual research productivityChuan, T.K. ; Goudarzlou, A. 
2009Bibliometric analysis of service science research: Focus on contribution from AsiaChuan, T.K. ; Goudarzlou, A. ; Chakrabarty, A.
2008Bilevel allocation-location model for state owned reserve warehouseDing, J.; Xu, J.; Loo, H.L. ; Ek, P.C. 
Dec-2009Bivariate constant stress degradation model: Led lighting system reliability estimation with two-stage modellingSari, J.K.; Newby, M.J.; Brombacher, A.C.; Tang, L.C. 
2005Block learning bayesian network structure from dataZeng, Y.-F.; Poh, K.-L. 
Oct-2002Boundary problem in carbon emission decompositionAng, B.W. ; Choi, K.-H.
Feb-2008Branch-and-bound algorithms for simple assembly line balancing problemLiu, S.B. ; Ng, K.M. ; Ong, H.L. 
Jul-1999Break-even price of distributed generation under uncertaintyAng, B.W. ; Huang, J.P.; Poh, K.L. 
2003Bridging islands of knowledge: A framework of knowledge sharing mechanismsChai, K.-H. ; Gregory, M.; Shi, Y.
Jun-2011Budget allocation for effective data collection in predicting an accurate DEA efficiency scoreWong, W.P.; Jaruphongsa, W.; Lee, L.H.